War of the Worlds

Discussion in 'Reader Reviews' started by dwatts, Apr 21, 2003.

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    So few of the classic sci-fi films really hold up today. Oh sure, we can enjoy them despite their limitations, accept that they were largely a product of their time and limited budgets, but they define cheese.

    War of the Worlds is a film that holds up better than most. The story is good, the acting and special effects are superb, and most of all, the film defies time – sure it’s aged, but in the best way possible.

    The story is simple – mysterious comets have crashed down all around the world. Aliens come out from these comets and set about taking over the world. Can man survive?

    For once, man is shown here to be helpless, lost. Weapons are useless, the aliens simple plan seems unstoppable. The film does not pump mans ego, it portrays us as bugs, scattering at the onslaught of fighting machines. Yet it ends on a message of fragility, humbling both us and the aliens – superb work.

    The DVD is by Paramount (oh-oh) and so extras are not a consideration. A trailer (which is very good) and a transfer that is not reference, but puts a lot of other films to shame. This is one of the classic sci-fi films made in color, so you get to enjoy those green fighting machines in all their glory. And you can hardly see the strings!

    I cannot imagine anyone not wanting this film in their collection. It is presented 4:3, but the transfer is good, and the price is low. War of the Worlds is a film that can be watched more than once, and it simply belongs on the shelves of anyone into Sci-fi. This film is all meat – no messing about. War of the Worlds defines CLASSIC.
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    well, ive never seen this film and know nothing about it, but youve sold me :)
  3. Great review Dwatts!

    I have never seen the DVD around for War Of The Worlds, but I am sure that I would pick it up if I saw it for a decent price.

    A great solid old sci-fi movie. I agree that it holds up well, but then again I am a sucker for old sci-fi stuff.
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    I've always kinda wanted to see this. Now I may give it a rent.

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