The Grudge Gets Longer...and Angrier

Discussion in 'Site News' started by rhett, Mar 8, 2005.

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    That is how I felt too. I was able to trade The Grudge pretty well, but still I feel puck'd. This makes me very iffy on getting The Boogeyman on dvd right away, just in case they try this again.
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    And you just know they will onebyone.

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    I revisited The Grudge last night for the first time since seeing it in theaters, in anticipation of the upcoming new film. In fact, it was via the Unrated DVD discussed in this very thread, which I had bought way back when and never watched.

    This was a case where I'm probably the audience the American remake was made for. I had seen the original Ju On before this hit theaters and couldn't follow it at all. Then I caught this one in the theater and was like "okay, now this makes sense". I'm not sure what the differences are between the PG-13 theatrical version and this version, but there was some pretty dark stuff in there (severed jaw, the actual murder flashback, etc) to where this felt like an R-rated movie.

    I had a lot of fun seeing this again. The character stuff is clunky, but there are some genuinely great scares throughout. What's most interesting is that there are over 30 minutes of deleted scenes on this DVD, and a lot of them are the character stuff that the movie is sorely lacking. It also fills some noticeable gaps (the reason for the sister's phone call, how the bodies got in the attic, what happened to Ted Raimi, etc). There's a much better version of this movie that never got released, as a majority of these scenes should have been in the finished film.

    Curious to revisit the sequel now, although I remember it being a slog.
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