Scream Factory's Army of Darkness specs

Discussion in 'Site News' started by Dave, Sep 11, 2015.

By Dave on Sep 11, 2015 at 8:23 PM
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    Scream has announced the specs to their blu-ray edition of Sam Raimi's third entry in the Evil Dead series, Army of Darkness. Here's the dirt straight from their Facebook page along with a couple of questions and answers that they posted:

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Will you buy Scream Factory's Army of Darkness blu-ray release?

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  2. No

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  3. Haven't decided

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  4. Depends on the reviews

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Discussion in 'Site News' started by Dave, Sep 11, 2015.

    1. Workshed
      G0d help me. I barely buy movies anymore; I own several DVD editions of AoD. BUT the extras sound really cool, and I do not own the TV cut.

      So yes, yes Army of Darkness will swallow my wallet one more time.
    2. buck135
      I can finally retire the AB limited dual DVD from 16 years ago (?) now. There are countless versions of the other two films on DVD that I need to consider parting with as well.
    3. Katatonia
      Yeah, it's a definite buy for me. I've probably bought the movie 3 times over the years, and this one finally sounds like it will be the definitive least for a while. :eek:
    4. shape22
      It would be nice to have all 3 cuts of Army in HD. But it looks like only the international cut is getting a new transfer. Am I the only one who cares more about A/V quality than extras? It's possible that the director's cut looks as good as it can already (since it seems to exist only in a low-quality master). But the theatrical cut Blu-ray is almost universally panned for DNR and excessive digital tinkering. Why bother to assemble an enormous edition of this flick if 2 of the 3 cuts will appear in unimpressive quality? I won't be forking over big bucks for a bloated package if the A/V is less than stellar.
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    5. buck135
      Don't forget the TV version. The International version is the cut most seem to prefer. It sounds like Scream did the best they could with what they were given regarding the Theatrical release. I usually am a big fan of extras and get aggravated when they are omitted (Gone Girl!!!). I will just be glad to have all four cuts of this film. That said, I'm not as big a fan of this film as I am the first two.
    6. Shannafey
      Definitely a day one purchase. I waited for a definitive Blu to come out. This is the one. One of my favorite movies and it deserves a transfer like this.
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    7. shithead
      Hell yes! This looks like it could be SF's best release yet.
    8. X-human
      Well the HD-DVD uses the same master the Blu-ray used but has less DNR and EE applied to it. So if Shout were to scrutinize the available Universal masters they should find the original files. And if they're sensible about the transfer that can use less DNR and EE than the Blu-ray's so far. However they don't have much of a history of doing that.

      It sounds like the International Cut is something of the best of both words anyways. It retains the preferred takes of the theatrical cut with best extended footage mixed in but the S-Mart ending (and if it's anything like the MGM cut the flash of nudity too). I'm be curious to see what this version ultimately turns out to be.

      So far this is a buy in my book. I'll wait for reviews however. (I rarely pre-order anything these days)
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    9. Shannafey
      I rarely pre-order as well, but I'm with you on the International Cut. Never seen it, but looking forward to it. I personally like the S-Mart ending better, but it is cool to have the alternative ending.
    10. Myron Breck
      Myron Breck
      I much prefer the down-beat, face-palm original ending to the S-Mart theatrical version (although it's fun as hell, and I wouldn't dream of buying this without both options). I've been cautious about my purchases over the last couple of years, waiting for the reviews; but I'm so interested in the International version that I'll probably just go for it.
    11. Zillamon51
      I have the AB DVD with the Director's Cut, their original 2-disc set, and the "Screwhead Edition" BD. Will probably sell off both, and upgrade to this, as it looks like the definitive edition. At least for now.
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    12. Hellbilly
      This is pretty much a port of the German Blu-ray box set? Though some extras might be different.
    13. Shannafey
      I have the original AB 2 disc too, but I kind of like having it and it probably isn't worth much now. Although the transfer isn't very good when you look at it now, so I'll never put it in again.
    14. Workshed
      I prefer the S-Mart ending--funnier and the never-ending shells that the shotgun holds is a great gag, but the alt ending is nice to have and show to n00bs.
    15. othervoice1
      I've only ever seen the theatrical cut - doesn't the theatrical and international cuts have the SMart ending and the director's cut the other ending? I noticed the international cut is longer then the theatrical but shorter then the directors cut - so would the international cut be the best? Just wondered what you guys prefer
    16. Buechlers_beard
      The International Cut was edited by De Laurentiis for the European market. It's not as bloated as the Director's Cut, but flows much better that the U.S. theatrical.

      In the UK, we got the Int. Cut. Although in theatres it sported the S-Mart ending, on VHS the apocalyptic ending was shown. I love this cut, and it would always be my "go-to" AOD!
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    17. Shannafey
      Now I'm really excited, since I've never seen that cut!
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    18. Rocker10
      I'm definitely in on this one. My favorite trilogy and can't remember how many times I've bought these movies, but what the hell...this sounds pretty definitive to me.
    19. shithead
      Should start shipping from Shout soon. I'll have it next Tues or Wed if I'm lucky...:cool:

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