Scream Factory announces The Thing

Discussion in 'Site News' started by Dave, Jun 1, 2016.

By Dave on Jun 1, 2016 at 6:38 AM
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    Scream announced on their Facebook page that they will be releasing John Carpenter's the Thing onto a Collectors Edition Blu-ray this Fall. No details on supplements just yet but we will post them once available.
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Will you be buying this bluray?

  1. Undecided.

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  2. Will wait for more info/reviews.

    12 vote(s)
  3. Yes.

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  4. No.

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Discussion in 'Site News' started by Dave, Jun 1, 2016.

    1. Steel76
      If they don't use the DNR filled Universal transfer, and bring in a new one, then YES, I will buy it.
      Never bothered with the old Blu-Ray, since it got DNR slapped on it, compared to the HD-DVD disc.
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    2. zbinks
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    3. X-human
      Huh... Not that I'm complaining-complaining, but Universal (like all major studios) moved up to 4k scans some time ago. So how "new" a 2k scan might be I can't say for sure (probably around 2011 for the prequel). It's often been said by those in the know that The Thing is one of the few back catalog titles Universal holds on to. So I was rather surprised by the announcement.

      Now it has occurred to me that The Thing was quick out the gate from Universal on both DVD and Blu-ray... So I've been anticipating a UHD 4k Blu-ray disc since they threw their hat in the ring a short time ago. This smells like a transfer dump to me. Make some quick cash from an underutilized transfer while it still has some value.

      I'll only get in on this if the extras are out of this world.
    4. maybrick
      Nope. I already have it on blu ray and I'm tired of rebuying shit.
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    5. othervoice1
      I never bought the old blu-ray - was tempted but never did - so this will be a definite pickup for me
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    6. rhett
      Crazy to think that there hasn't been a new extra for THE THING since the LaserDisc days, almost 20 years ago. The Signature Collection LD and subsequent Collector's Series DVD were pretty groundbreaking at the time and one of the first discs that really got me into DVDs and collecting. All of Scream's other JC releases have been quality, so I have little doubt they'll pull out all the stops for one of Carpenter's greatest and such an iconic science fiction film in general. As they say in the movie though, maybe we'll just wait around awhile...see what happens.
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    7. Katatonia
      My sentiments exactly!

      Universal have been doing some solid new transfers lately, and not just tinkering with their dated transfers, so there's hope that this one will turn out far better.
    8. Ptflea2
      As much as I love this movie, the old Blu is fine by me. I'll bust a nut if they ever reissue the soundtrack on wax however........
    9. maybrick
      They haven't gotten around to that yet? That amazes me, frankly, considering all of the other Carpenter classics have.
    10. Harry Warden
      Harry Warden
      Will definitely be buying questions asked!! One of my top 10 horror/sci-fi films, so, for me, it's a no brainer.
    11. Ptflea2
      Yeah, it is odd cause a ton of other Morricone scores have been reissued. Not sure who has the rights or what the hold up is, but the iron is hot on horror soundtracks right now.......
    12. russweiss
      The Thing is one of my favorite films. I was fortunate to see it theatrically in it's initial run. I've owned it on laserdisc, DVD, and blu-ray. Even just getting a nice new slipcover will make it worth picking up.
    13. Paff
      My first thought is "no" (after all, I haven't even watched my Blu-Ray copy of it...for some reason, it airs fairly regularly on the movie channels here and I end up watching it that way, even with the 2.35:1 cropped down to 16:9).

      But I can totally see myself at one of the Shout Factory online sales, needing to add one more disc to qualify for free shipping...
    14. russweiss
      Paff it actually made me sad to read your possible reason to purchase this film; just as an add on item to qualify for free shipping.
    15. Paff
      Why? I'm not bashing the film itself. As mentioned, I already own it, and the only reason I don't spin it in my player is I'll be going through the HD movie channel guide, there it is, and I watch it that way.

      I just don't have to purchase every horror release, especially if it's a title I already own on Blu. And I don't get all that excited about removal of DNR, new cover art, or a new commentary in addition to the ones I already have but not listened to. At least not enough to plunk down the cash for a day one purchase. But as I mentioned, there may be a time when I'm browsing a SF sale and need one more disc to qualify for free shipping. THAT'S when I might upgrade the title.
    16. russweiss
      I guess for me it's one of those movies that I truly hold in high regard. It is the near perfect film. No matter how many times I've watched it I'm always drawn in to the characters, the effects, and the action. There are only a few films that make me feel that way.
    17. steelpotatonz
      The UK blu-ray doesn't have DNR ie, same transfer as the HD-DVD
    18. Stige
      Thought the transfer on the Norwegian blu-ray was very good as well. It's going to have to be a massive upgrade for a sixth or seventh upgrade. Bonus features , transfer the works....
    19. Swampthing82
      I just realized that I have bought this movie 5 times (upgrades) over the years. I think I have a problem.

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