Rituals and Savage Weekend on DVD

Discussion in 'Slashers' started by eric_angelus, Apr 19, 2006.

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    Did you try any of these three player hacks? One of them should make your player Region Free then :

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    Well... I got this German DVD (actually, I got two ones by mistake... damn it!) - and if you downloaded the uncut VHS transfer, don't bother buying this.

    Here's the quality:


    (Yeah, they changed his name to "Crowdy".)

    Yes, it's better than the VHS transfer, but not too much. The aspect ratio is wrong, the sound is dull and hollow, and, worst of all, the German subtitles are not just forced - they are BURNED in. And they obscure the picture. Disgusting.

    The screenshot actually looks better than the moving picture, which is grainy, shaking and full of dirt and artifacts.

    There are some pseudo "extras" - the proper title sequence (the stylized "Rituals" logo, with the plane coming in - the film itself has an awful silent opening and the stupid alternate title, "The Creeper"), a few pixelized video covers (images.google.com is your friend when you prepare a bootleg DVD...) and a trailer. That last thing actually surprised me, since I suppose it's quite rare.

    Oh - it has this wretched oversized soft plastic box that, so far, I only thought was used for porn discs... although it shouldn't really matter that much in this case, since the front picture is of very bad quality - and half of the cover is obscured by an ugly banner stupidly claiming that this is "the rarest" and "the most wanted" horror film in the world. Sure.
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    I wish code red would snag these up along with Hunter's blood
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    Rituals has Code Red written all over it. I hope it gets picked up by someone soon.

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