Quick review of TRAUMA AB version

Discussion in 'Euro Horror' started by killit, Aug 19, 2005.

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    Cut version? No sale here.

    I'm afraid things like this will now be the norm for Anchor Bay. Michael Felsher is no longer with the company, and thus...they just don't seem to care anymore. (I mean, anyone catch that cover art for the Day of the Dead sequel?)

    Fact of the matter is, when Anchor Bay screws up a Dario release...in the worst possible way for horror fans...it's truly a sad time to be a horror fan.

    Their ship is slowly sinking.
  3. J-Dub

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    How do the dvd's compare to the laserdisc. Is the laser the complete uncut version?
  4. Grim

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    Odd, Felsher was at Horrorfind, representing AB. He was there with another guy, though.
  5. betterdan

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    That other guy was Tom Bambard.
  6. Joni Backman

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    If you mean the LD released in the early 90's (unwatchable P&S with poor picture quality), it's the same version as this Anchor Bay DVD. English spoken international version, same as French and both UK DVDs.

    Longer version hasn't been released anywhere in English. The Italian DVD (Cecchi Gori, not Medusa) is about four minutes longer. There is a workprint around which is even longer and in English.
  7. Crystal Plumage

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    The Court of the Crimson King
    And if all works well,we will be able to download those additional scenes from darkdreams.org!:banana:
    I'll provide links when I have 'em.
  8. Surge92

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    I'm not sure if I'm going to get this movie, but just out of curiosity, is the Optimum DVD uncut?
  9. MartinD1

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    From: Trauma AKA Dario Argento's Trauma (1993)

    - R0 United Kingdom - (Tartan) - 102 min (PAL). Shorter version. All previous cuts waived.
    - R2 United Kingdom - (Optimum) - 102:06 min (PAL). Shorter version. All previous cuts waived.
    - R2 Italy - (Cecchi Gori Home Video) - 106 min (PAL): This is the longer Italian version. It includes approximately four minutes of additional scenes that were deleted from the English language prints. These include:
    -A new scene features Grace visiting David at the TV station and asking him about Aura; David invites Grace to his house and then calls Aura at home to ask her if she needs any food; Aura lies to him and tells she's already eaten.
    -Aura visits a market and is spotted by Dr. Judd (Frederic Forrest), who tries to catch her.
    -David checks into a hotel after following Linda Quirk's car and asks for a room overlooking the parking lot.
    -An extension of the scene where Dr. Judd gives Aura the berries and she hallucinates. After she passes out, he picks up her bracelet off the floor, and in the shorter version, it cuts directly from him picking up the bracelt to the big orderly taking Aura to her room.
    **These additional scenes can be found from the "workprint", in English (not released on DVD yet):
    -A new introduction of the Aura and David characters: David (Chris Rydell) drives Grace (Laura Johnson) at the airport and sees Aura (Asia Argento) being beaten by a man whose plane ticket she tried to steal.
    -After David and Aura escape from the Marigold, she tells him she's taken a little souvenir from Nurse Volkmann's purse; another new shot shows the Marigold's owner talking to the police.
    -David asks for information about Dr. Lloyd in a saloon.
    -After David calls Grace and asks her for prescription forms, she meets and confronts him, trying to make him face the fact that he's become a junkie.
    (Thank you to Vincent Pereira for the additional info)
    But: Italian -release has only Italian audio/subtitles (unlike most of Argento's films, Trauma was shot in English with no post-dubbing).

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