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Discussion in 'General' started by SaxCatz, Oct 22, 2010.

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    I'm sure most of you have seen so many of these threads that you're sick to death of them, but I think they give us a great opportunity to communicate our individual genre preferences to each other.
    Many of my friends and relatives have alleged that I could not narrow down my long list of "favorite" films to a top ten. So, to prove them wrong and in honor or Halloween 2010, here goes (with a few extras for good measure!):
    SAXCATZ Top 10 Horror Films
    1. The Shining
    2. Dawn of the Dead (1978)
    3. The Evil Dead
    4. Alien
    5. Nightmare on Elm Street (1984)
    6. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974)
    7. Deep Red
    8. Halloween (1978)
    9. The Exorcist
    10. The Beyond
    Tier 1- Psycho (1960); The Tenant; Poltergeist
    Tier 2- The Thing (1982); The Mist; Zombi 2
    Most Fun- Re-Animator; Return of the Living Dead; Friday the 13th Part 2

    Please feel free to share your own!
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    A dimension of sight, sound and mind.
    Excellent list. Most lists have Dawn around 40, which aggravates me to no end.
  3. Hatchetwarrior

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    I'm pretty sure I've done this on a similar thread here, but here I go

    1) Dawn Of The Dead (1978)
    2) The Thing (1982)
    3) Halloween (1978)
    4) An American Werewolf In London
    5) Return Of The Living Dead
    6) The Exorcist
    7) Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974)
    8) Jaws
    9) Carrie
    10) Hellraiser
  4. Ash28M

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    I'm not sure what lists you are looking at but I find most people have it in their top 10. It won our last best horror film of all time poll.

    Anyway here is my top ten. It hasn't changed in years.

    2.The Exorcist
    3.The Texas Chainsaw Massacre
    4.The Shining
    5.The Blair Witch project
    6.The Evil Dead
    8.Black Christmas
  5. Vortex

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    Jan 15, 2009
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    1- Wolfman
    2- Black Sunday
    3- Suspiria
    4- Jaws
    5- Scarecrows
    6- Dracula Has Risen From the Grave
    7- Gojira
    8- The Haunting
    9- Cronos
    10- Horror of Dracula
  6. spawningblue

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    Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
    1. Jaws
    2. Halloween (Original)
    3. Suspiria
    4. Friday the 13th 4 and 6 (Tie)
    5. The Fog (Original)
    6. Phantasm
    7. The Thing
    8. City of the Living Dead
    9. Halloween 3: Season of the Witch
    10. Black Christmas (Original)

    Honorable Mentions: Army of Darkness (If this counts as horror it would be up there) and An American Werewolf in London
  7. wago70

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    Here's a list of, not my Top 10, but the movies that have scared me. A few are not favorites at all, and I may have only seen them once but as scary films, they worked for me, caught me off guard and in the right frame of mind so I was a nervous wreck watching them:

    1. THE ENTITY - scary stuff to me. I've had a few experiences with ghosts and this is the only film I've ever seen where something really odd happens when I try watching it. I've only seen the film to the end ONCE. The other times I was interrupted by some strange happening that made me shut the film off and watch something else.

    2. THE LEGEND OF BOGGY CREEK - in the late 70's, I caught this many times on TV (usually on a Saturday) and, for some reason, it always evokes a certain amount of dread. Perhaps the actual look of the film has a lot to do with this. Nobody is killed but the isolation of the people who have seen (or about to see) the creature always look like dead fodder...and this film isn't even going for that kind of thrill. Quite effective, even if new viewers will skoff at certain elements in the film.

    3. SILENCE OF THE LAMBS - the yuckiest side of human nature is presented in an intriguing, (almost) acceptable way by really making the villians charismatic. Not too much is shown but the resulting crimes are gruesome. The viewer is spared comic book thrills and instead presented with the clinical excitement of an if we, too, are in the know how authorities figure out gruesome crimes. The final sequence of Clarice fumbling around in a pitch black basement is one of the few films that made me want to bolt from the theater and have someone else simply tell me how it ended.

    4. John Carpenter's PRINCE OF DARKNESS - left the theater so freaked out and afraid the world would end just like that.

    5. SILVER BULLET - I just can't explain this one. I was lulled into a state of boredom by the almost Disney quality of the film until the last part of the film really caught me off guard. I always love a scene where a character sees something watching them from outside the window.

    6. NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD - this, along with the book, makes for one dread-filled nightmare. The documentary like look of the movie is what really works and makes this seem like it has actually happened.

    7. DAY OF THE DEAD - A fan of the series. In 1985, I was in a theater with only a handful of people on opening night. Right off, I was won over by the more realistic gore effects (DAWN's effects I simply hated back then) but what really freaked me out was the close proximity the living dead were to the characters...nothing in this film seemed safe at all. When the remaining characters are in a dark cave with "them" I was twisting and squirming in my chair so much and I almost couldn't bear the suspense. The last jolt got me right in the gut.

    8. JAWS - okay, the bravest person in the world is one who can listen to the soundtrack of this film while swimming off the coast of San Francisco (white shark heaven). That person is a hero in my book. The first film I ever saw at a drive-in. I remember keeping my feet up off the floor and on the seat because I could swear I saw the ghostly image of a shark trying to come up from the pitch black floor.

    9. THE EXORCIST - the film that has haunted me most of my life with the notion that this possession could happen to anyone at any time for no reason at all. My parents had a Ouija board that they said did nothing but spell out nasty words. My mother tried to throw the thing away a few times...but the darn thing would REAPPEAR SOMEPLACE IN THE HOUSE. I was nearby when she pulled it out of a closet while looking for something else. She had tossed it in the trash quite some time prior. She then gave it away to an interested friend. Good Riddance!

    10. Any Universal or Hammer MUMMY film. The sight of that thing lumbering along ready to snatch you away is the thing of nightmares.
  8. Bobbywoodhogan

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    Leeds, England
    10. Jeepers Creepers
    9. Hatchet
    8. The Fog (1980)
    7. Friday the 13th Part VI: Jason Lives
    6. The Lost Boys
    5. Fright Night
    4. My Bloody Valentine (1981)
    3. A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984)
    2. Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter
    1. Halloween (1978)

    Personally and this is just me I don't really count Jaws as a horror film but if I did it would be in my top 4 for sure
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