Mountain Monsters: Appalachian Investigators of Mysterious Sightings

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    So... Has anyone watched this show Mountain Monsters before? I tune in to the occasional cryptid stuff on TV as I enjoy both the mythology and the "out there" theories if only to laugh with superiority to them (hey, it's all I've got). So while channel surfing upcoming programming on Travel Channel I took interest when I saw amongst some Bigfoot stuff a show about reports of "cloaked figures" in the mountains which was vague but didn't remind me of any myths I was familiar with so I checked it out. It was an episode of Mountain Monsters and... it was beyond belief. For about three hours these guys, Appalachian Investigators of Mysterious Sightings, AIMS for short, bounced between a corn field, a cave, and a red shack in the woods, chasing cloaked figures carrying torches, but accomplishing nothing. And it was done in the most bumbling way imaginable. (Yes, I stayed up to 3AM mouth agape to watch it all.) These guys make the Three Stooges look like Sherlock Holmes. They'd be feet away following a guy "cloaked" in the cheapest off the rack Halloween costume; shouting at each other to stay quiet so the cloaked figures wouldn't notice them. All the while a camera crew with high beams on followed them through the not so dark. They would then have asides every minute or so where the investigators yelled at the camera about what had just transpired the minute before and questioning what could come in the next minute. Although they all shouted one seemed intent on outshouting the others with his asides. I'm impressed these guys can spend half the night shouting! I'd go horse after a few minutes! After huffing and puffing and running around they'd turn tail and run because something went bump in the night. Which brings me to another feature: these guys are running around with guns. Which they never use no matter how threatened they appear. I'm no gun expert so I can't be positive but the guns look plastic and their designs seem a little fantastical like toy guns. Seeing as how staged the proceedings are it's doubtful they're walking around with real guns.

    And so of course there's some true believers out there and you can find cryptozoologists having to push back on some of these "finds" online. A local West Virginia "news"paper did a recent article about a cast member who died between season 6 and 7: With nary a whiff that the show is anything other than genuine.

    I'm amazed I never heard of this show because it puts the plethora of other grade Z fodder to absolute shame. Take the absolute worst of reality TV from Bigfoot to aliens to ghosts and the worst of found footage tropes and you've got Mountain Monsters. The most transparently fake reality TV ever broadcast; and it's lasted seven seasons! I know there's others on this forum who enjoy the worst of the worst as I do so I thought I'd make a thread. You guys may be way ahead of me. Others may be hearing about this for the first time (as I just have). Their new season starts this Sunday, January 31st, on Travel Channel, so if you want to take a gander that's the time.

    As the first episode of the season opener will be a tribute I will say that I'm not speaking of the recent death of one of its members in jest. These guys know what they're producing so I don't hold anything against them. It's entertainment. And they're entertainers. If I could get paid to run around a mountainside for seven years I'd cash those checks without a second thought. And like anyone there are tragedies in all our lives. So I'm laughing "with them" not "at them" as I'm certain they're all "in on it." But I expect the show to continue on with its trajectory and will see what they have in store for us.
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