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    I've always been a fan of the short story and this forthcoming volume entitled Cannibalism from Unearthed Books (an offshoot of the rather wonderful Unearthed Films) has whet my whistle. It's great to see a new publisher releasing a series of books - Cannibalism is only the first volume from the Masters of Taboo.

    Inside the tastefully decorated book, there are tales from the following writers – Andrew Allan, Stephen Biro, Jack Donnelly, Hart Fisher, Brian Harris, Mitch Hyman, Bryan Jackson, Nigel Lata-Burston, Michael Simmons, Brent Lorentson, Armand Rosamilia, Anthony Sant’Anselmo and Destiny West.

    All the stories will revolve around the grisly topic of cannibalism. From what I've read, fiction mirrored reality on this project as the bath salts / flesh eating wave hit the press after the stories had been submitted and the editing process was underway!

    The website for Unearthed Books is:

    And the following Facebook pages will contain details of the volume:

    Masters of Taboo –

    Plastic Bacon – The opening story of the volume

    The release date hasn't been announced yet but it's looking like late September / October (in time for Halloween!).:banana:

    Hopefully, this will see the start of a whole series of anthologies as I like a bite sized bit of horror for the daily commute!

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