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Discussion in 'Slashers' started by Dave, Jan 10, 2002.

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    Anyone hear how Jason X is now available on the Internet? It's been released overseas theatrically; the US release is April 12th. Often times studios send out screeners, either on VHS or DVD, to various reviewers. Apparently one of these screeners landed in the wrong hands. Now it's been released on the Internet as both a 2-disc VCD (MPEG1) and DivX.

    Sucks for New Line, but they shouldn't have delayed it so long.
  2. Dude that sucks! I hope New Line's movie doesn't flop because of this!
  3. guys, this movie sux long greasy hollywood turds. the best thing that can happen is for it is to just DIE.:p
  4. dlundh

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    I disagree. I liked Jason X. If it opens theatrically I'll be in line and when the DVD arrives as an Infinifilm edition (riiiiight...) I'll snap it up immediately.

    I haven't had this much fun from the F13 franchise since part 6. Jason X, ignoring the weird SF setting, has some cool and bloody murders, Jason all over the place and splashes of humour I have never before seen in a F13 movie. The first murder in space was inspired and the bit when the "overshoot" the solaris space station was hilarious. Rarely do you see such laugh-out-loud scenes in a serious horror/SF movie.

    If you're a F13-fan this movie is a must see.

    For reference my favorite part is 4.
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    Hey anyone wanna send me the movie? hehe.. I'm going to see it at the movie theatre anyways, and I've been waiting oh so long for it to come out. :)
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