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Discussion in 'Classic' started by HammerFANatic, Feb 3, 2001.

  1. Which series of films has more consistently good films?

    The Mummy
    Quatermass Trilogy
    Karnstein Trilogy

    Now, I'm looking for consistently good films based on the film itself....not the stars or lack of.
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    As a kid, I would've said Dracula for sure. Now though, I have to go with the Karnstein trilogy. Oh, how I do love those lipstick vampiresses :D !!

    Seriously, (hey, I was being serious!) I really was nuts for the Dracula series. It was like Planet of the Apes or Star Wars. T.V just couldn't play the films enough for me.

    I never got into the Frankenstein series as a kid, I think because I was sooo into Karloff, and I thought Hammer's Frankensteins very crude, and the continuity (or lack thereof) of the monster(s) really put me off. Now, being an adult, I see these films in a new light. They have far more depth of morality than the Dracula series, and leave one with lots of head candy. Not something I was interested in as a kid, but I very much enjoy it today.

    Hmmm... It seems I just can't make a clear cut decision on your question, HF. Let's just say that I think all Hammer is great, and we really, really need some new releases on dvd :( !!
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    This is very tough, but it's kind if like having to choose between Charlize Theron or Denise Richards, it's really a "no lose" situation. :D Right now my top 3 fav series would be...

    2.Karnstein Trilogy

    but I still need to see 2 of the Quatermass movies. And many of the films I've seen only in full screen, seeing an old movie in 2.35:1 for the first time is sometimes like seeing a brand new movie. :)
  4. As far as a fan or for strickly entertainment
    I would say the Dracula series. As for as consistent quality goes I would say the Frankenstein series. For campy fun the Karstein trilogy wins of course :).

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