Godzilla The Heisei Era Films from Arrow!!!

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    EDIT 4/2: April Fool's joke people, move along. Was kind of hoping you fell for it.

    Just announced on Arrow's Facebook!!!:


    "SURPRISE UK/US/CA TITLE: Godzilla: The Heisei Era Films (Limited Edition Blu-ray box set)

    Nearly a decade after his last outing, the one and only Godzilla made his triumphant return, bigger and badder than ever! Known infamously as the Heisei Era, the terror began in 1984 as the king of the monsters remerged from the depths to continue his regin of destruction lasting all the way through 1995. Battling armies, monsters, and even raising his own kid, Godzilla showed no bounds nor mercy as he rampaged by land, sea, and space and regained his title as the king of the monsters in the era that reintroduced the terrifying beast to a new generation.

    Release Date: TBD

    This limited edition collectors’ box set contains all 7 Godzilla films from the Heisei Era, together for the first time and as a special bonus, the Rebirth of Mothra trilogy starring Godzilla's equally famed opponent Mothra and returning to home video for the first time in 2 decades, Godzilla 1985, the famed US theatrical version of the first Hesei era film with Raymond Burr reprising his role as Steve Martin from the Americanized version of the classic 1954 film.

    • Limited collectors’ edition packaging, housed in a large-format rigid box, fully illustrated by Dan Mumford
    • All seven uncut original Japanese versions of the films in high definition and as a special bonus, the Rebirth of Mothra trilogy, all with lossless Japanese and English audio
    • All new exclusive 4K restorations of The Return of Godzilla, the US theatrical version Godzilla 1985 (starring Raymond Burr), and Godzilla Vs. Biollante created by Arrow in cooperation with and approved by Toho for this release.
    • Hours of new and archive bonus features, including commentaries from original crew members and Godzilla experts (including Steve Ryfle & Ed Godziszewski), interviews with cast and crew, and behind-the-scenes footage
    • Hardcover 120-page book featuring the making and history of the Heisei era

    I am all over this set!!! :D
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