Comment on the Track the Films You Watch Thread: 2006

Discussion in 'General' started by rhett, Jan 12, 2006.

  1. DrHerbertWest

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    Jul 2, 2004
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    I watched a mixed bag of movies the past two days...

    Frivolous Lola > My first Tinto Brass experience. Very odd.

    Humanoids From The Deep > Thick cheese but it cuts so well! I'm thinking about dropping $35 on the Japanese release. Really!

    Prime Cut > Hackman, Marvin, Spacek. Amazing film.

    Valley Of The Dolls > Very tragic and involving but I found myself going all over the place with this one.

    Kiss Me Deadly > Awesome Mike Hammer flick. The ending alone is worth it.

    Black Rain > YES! Japan, meet America. Michael Douglas, meet shotgun! Awesome movie, too.
  2. YottNik

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    Jan 19, 2006
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    BFE, Ohio
    I haven't watched anything on it except the trailer, to be honest. There's the usual commentary with Terry Gilliam, some miscellaneous production notes, but more interesting, at least IMO, there's a 90 minute (or so) "making of" feature on it. Maybe someday I'll get around to watching it.

    I have the first version of the DVD. I thought there was a super duper edition released a couple of years ago... maybe not?
  3. bigdaddyhorse

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    Oct 24, 2001
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    Under a rock
    I think the re-release is just the same as the first DD 5.1 one. There was a DTS release as well earlier that didn't have the documentary, and the re-issue was supposed to have everything but doesn't have DTS.
    I got the re-issue used but haven't watched the doc. yet.
  4. Hellbilly

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    Jul 22, 2001
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    I'm still kinda torn over this Bill Goldberg flick. First of all: as a horror film it fails. They didn't even try to make it scary. It won't deliver as a comedy also, because the funny is not really funny except for one scene ("next time I'M driving!"). I guess "action/fantasy" is a more fitting label, with a few non-scary slasher elements thrown in. Some of the killings are ok and we even get boobs but, Santa's Slay remains a wretched and confusing genre mix to me.
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  5. CrumpsBro

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    This has become very common with trailers. Was a point there where THE NATURAL theme song was being used for every movie trailer...
  6. CrumpsBro

    CrumpsBro Guest

    Actually, the making of on the 12 MONKEYS disk is a great one. Plays like a stand-alone docoumentary. If you are at all curious about Terry Gilliam as an artist, it's a must-see.
  7. Numania

    Numania Guest

    I watched Green River Killer last night.

    Is Ulli Lommel the worst director in the world? I think so.
    Plus, it was wicked cheap. You could hear the plastic gun creak.
    And why did that kid read under a sheet in the bathroom?
  8. Angelman

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    Oct 27, 2004
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    Not a lot of horror since my last post - driving 2000 miles in the last 2 weeks tends to cut down on movie watching time.

    1) Salem's Lot Tobe Hooper/1979 - I had just finished the book and watched the old 70s TV Movie. Not bad. What it lacks in production value it more than makes up with in casting and mood. Don't you wish they still cast real actors in films like they did in this? Guys like James Mason, Elisha Cook Jr. and George Dzundza...

    2) The Forest Donald M. Jones/1982 - Dug into my first Code Red DVD. It's hard to get into a confused slasher/ghost movie where the main bad guy looks like a homeless Cledus "Snowman" Snow from Smokey and the Bandit.

    3) Devil Times Five Sean MacGregor & David Sheldon/1974 - Not scary and feels overly long even though it isn't a long film. To see this theme done right - seek out Who Can Kill a Child.

    4) Don't Go in the Woods James Bryan/1982 - Not well made and derivative as all hell. But the music (oddly) adds mood and I totally dug it.

    5) Creepshow George A. Romero/1982 - The classic. My sister got this for her son (my nephew) as his intro to "Rated R" horror - he loved it. Good call, sis.

    6) Perfume: The Story of a Murderer Tom Tykwer/2006 - Like most posters on this board - I really hate modern horror films. But this film was wacky, gruesome, compelling and smart enough to make it worthwhile. It will never be the 70s again - but I would go see more modern horror films if they were like this.

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