BREAKING: Scorpion to release Humongous & More on New Line

Discussion in 'Site News' started by rhett, May 12, 2011.

By rhett on May 12, 2011 at 8:00 AM
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    80s horror fans have already had a few nice surprises this year with announcements like SLEDGEHAMMER, but this one takes the cake. Scorpiron Releasing will be debuting the following favorites coming out in September: HUMONGOUS, AMERICAN NIGHTMARE, THE CARPENTER, THE DEVIL WITHIN HER, THE HUMAN EXPERIMENTS, THE MARK OF CAIN and NOTHING BUT THE NIGHT. As if that weren't good enough, they're also re-releasing the beloved and hard to find FINAL EXAM, THE INCUBUS and THE HOUSE ON SORORITY ROW. All nine DVDs will be on a new "Katrina's Nightmare Theatre" line featuring intros and extros by WWE star Katarina Leigh Walters. It's about time we had a new Elvira!

    I'm salivating too much at the thought of finally seeing the Canadian giallo sleeze-classic, AMERICAN NIGHTMARE cleaned up on DVD. I'll just go ahead and quote their official press release:

    Also, here's a sample of the cover art for each disc, staying very true to the original poster art:

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

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Discussion in 'Site News' started by rhett, May 12, 2011.

    1. Shawn Francis
    2. Body Boy
      Body Boy
      Not a big fan of Don't Answer the Phone!

      ** / ****

      I'm waiting for their American Nightmare, Without Warning and The Incubus releases.

      I don't have too many Scorpion flicks, but I do own Silent Scream, Doctor Death: Seeker of Souls, House on Sorority Row, Double Exposure, Mortuary and Humongous. Must get more! :D
    3. CPT HOOK
      CPT HOOK
      It seems like there are already several DVD versions of Don't Answer The Phone out there. Even though they're out of print, they still go for dirt cheap. I can't imagine this selling too well.

      Not complaining. Just an observation.
    4. Mikey Horror
      Mikey Horror
      I really wish Scorpion would go after more titles that could use proper releases, such as The Mutilator, The Prey, Bodycount, etc. Don't get me wrong, I'm enjoying the hell out of what they're doing, bringing releases back into print, but there's still a lot out there that never had proper releases to begin with.
    5. elDomenechHDG
      Did I miss the announcement that Scorpion was releasing WITHOUT WARNING?
    6. ronnie21
      the prey would be cool. cleaned up... with tv spot..
    7. tropical marsh
      tropical marsh
      Don't Answer the Phone is a highly entertaining bad flick. I'll pick up the Scorpion release, as I figure it'll have a better transfer than any prior release.

      Also, I hadn't heard anything about Scorpion putting out Without Warning, but DVDAF does list them as the Publisher (where it used to say MGM).
    8. Katatonia
      I have the old BCI release, but I'll probably pick this one up as well. Scorpion aren't really given to posting "Remastered Edition" on the cover if it's not. And the Katarina titles are a helluva lot of fun.
    9. SickNick89
      I was thinking the same thing.
    10. Shawn Francis
      Shawn Francis
      No, apparently they are not, at least, Greydon Clark knows nothing of it. I emailed him through his site and asked him and he knows nothing of Walter wanting to release it.
      Last edited: Jul 6, 2012
    11. SickNick89
      Damn what a tease. Without Warning is one of my top 5 most wanted on dvd.
    12. Steel76
      I agree. I´m getting a bit tired of all these labels re-releasing the same old stuff over and over again, even though they use better transfers for each release. I stopped double/triple-dipping a long time ago.
      Still, it´s great to have these classics in print for younger fans that missed out on the original DVD releases.

      But how about "Atlantis Interceptors" and "Shocking dark" etc.? :)
    13. FinalSora
      Walter posted this update at R!S!P! regarding AMERICAN NIGHTMARE -

      "A quick update – please note that on AMERICAN NIGHTMARE we are using a tape master provided by the licensor. I am being upfront so that no disappointment will happen. This is all they had. They supposedly had a 35mm print, but according to the lab QC, it was in horrible condition, and not worth doing a telecine on. That is why I was going to throw it out there with Kat’s segment and the commentary. But then I held off another year, hoping to locate something, anything, but eventually, I didn’t and just have to release it now to fulfill my contractual obligation. But as they say, if you can’t give them quality, give them quantity! So not only will you get an audio commentary by Paul Lynch, you will also get his first on camera interview for a DVD release, plus an audio interview with writer John Sheppard! We even had Kat wanting to do a pole dance for the fans, but I decided that maybe not too many would want to see that? :) In any event, since only a tape master is available, there is a low MSRP on this release."
    14. FinalSora
      The release is on track for a November release!
    15. Chomp
      Wow,… Walter is polite, uses complete sentences, and refrains from calling people derogatory names...are we sure he is related to Bill? Ha!
    16. chrismac87
      Shit that's what I'm saying! lol.
    17. fattyjoe37
      Watched my first Katarina's Nightmare Theater disc today, Nothing But The Night. I wasn't very enamored with the film, I found it pretty slow and uninvolving. Things picked up near the end and Lee & Cushing were solid as always, but I can see why most people don't talk about this film as much as others in Scorpion's catalog. I was however impressed by the Katarina's Nightmare Theater option. Katarina seemed to have some real knowledge of the film and made me want to watch the other movies in the series in this format. This is the exact opposite of Code Red's Maria's B Movie Madness line. I've also only seen one of those (Night of the Demon), but it had zero actual information about the film, just lame jokes.
    18. Nailwraps
      Shawn via his Facebook:

      "On Rock! Shock! Pop! Walter says in two weeks he's gonna announce the new titles he's acquired."
    19. Katatonia
      I have many of both, and Katarina is a lot more entertaining. I especially love the ones with her French twin sister. :lol:

      Maria just seems overly condescending to the films she presents. She's hot, but that gets old real quick.
    20. startide
      I was always told If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all.

      I haven't seen any of these discs (yet) but that just sounds like a no brainer to me. If you're buying these discs you're either a fan or curious. Insulting a movie is insulting the fan/customer who bought it. Not nice.

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