BREAKING: Scorpion to release Humongous & More on New Line

Discussion in 'Site News' started by rhett, May 12, 2011.

By rhett on May 12, 2011 at 8:00 AM
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    80s horror fans have already had a few nice surprises this year with announcements like SLEDGEHAMMER, but this one takes the cake. Scorpiron Releasing will be debuting the following favorites coming out in September: HUMONGOUS, AMERICAN NIGHTMARE, THE CARPENTER, THE DEVIL WITHIN HER, THE HUMAN EXPERIMENTS, THE MARK OF CAIN and NOTHING BUT THE NIGHT. As if that weren't good enough, they're also re-releasing the beloved and hard to find FINAL EXAM, THE INCUBUS and THE HOUSE ON SORORITY ROW. All nine DVDs will be on a new "Katrina's Nightmare Theatre" line featuring intros and extros by WWE star Katarina Leigh Walters. It's about time we had a new Elvira!

    I'm salivating too much at the thought of finally seeing the Canadian giallo sleeze-classic, AMERICAN NIGHTMARE cleaned up on DVD. I'll just go ahead and quote their official press release:

    Also, here's a sample of the cover art for each disc, staying very true to the original poster art:

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

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Discussion in 'Site News' started by rhett, May 12, 2011.

    1. Katatonia
      WHOA!! Is that for real? :eek2: If so, that's the best news this week!

      Kat Scratch Fever!

      I see they are also re-releasing Joysticks as a 30th Anniversary DVD in the near future.
    2. SickNick89
      Joysticks AND Ator!! Made my night!
    3. Demoni
      Me too... :banana:

      Joysticks (30th Anniversary) and these below will make my year more happy...

      Last edited: Feb 27, 2012
    4. dave13
      "the day after halloween", huh? that looks interesting. i'm just puzzled by their exclamation mark placement. it seems kind of!!!!! random.
    5. startide
      Rent it beforehand if you can is my best advice. Snapshot (local title, and much better one IMO) is certainly an interesting title, but probably not in the way you expect. That North American title is just silly!! :eek1:
    6. ronnie21
      Shape22, i thought the same thing, its interlaced for sure. Certain shots look good. and brighten up, but look at the beginning when it says :36 years later: it is interlaced big time. Definalty not film like. I bet if anyone has a good copy of the cinemax braodcasting it would look better. Funny thing is, i taped vice squad off cinemax in 1995 and that copy has way better colors and really clean compared to the anchor bay dvd , which is too grainy..
    7. crikan
      In this thread, back in November, you'll notice a lot of discussion on the Humongous transfer. It is from a tape master and not interlaced.

    8. CPT HOOK
      CPT HOOK
      Anyone pick up the Whispers or Mark Of Cain / ThrillKill discs yet?
    9. Drinkinstein
      Had Whispers and Mark of Cain/Thrillkill show up Friday and Double Exposure arrived 30 min ago! I watched all 3 over the weekend, didn't care for Thrillkill much but the other 2 were decent enough. Gonna give DE a spin later tonite! I'm really loving the titles scorpions been putting out, hell of a lot better than code reds Maria's B-movie banner, already gave up on those.
    10. CPT HOOK
      CPT HOOK
      I definitely want to pick up Whispers, as I remember reading the book. Tempted to get Mark Of Cain / Thrillkill out of curiosity.

      How's the PQ, and are there any extras?
    11. ArrowBeach
      Are you judging by the actual movies themselves, or the way the hostess in each present themselves?
    12. Drinkinstein
      Pq's decent enough, though all 3 are full frame. No extras save Katarina's intro segments, but they're pretty cheap right now. Double exposures 2.35:1 with 2 audio commentaries and an interview
    13. Drinkinstein
      The hostess' really aren't a factor for me, I picked up Haunted, Vampire at Midnight and Love me Deadly/Campus Corpse and wasn't really impressed by any of them. Thoroughly boring even for schlock, and I love schlock!
    14. FinalSora
      MORTUARY can now be pre-ordered at Amazon for 13.99!
    15. arlington
    16. Shawn Francis
      Shawn Francis
      ATOR, THE FIGHTING EAGLE is set for release on JUNE 26th!
    17. Shawn Francis
    18. chrismac87
      Really looking forward to this!
    19. maskull
      I somehow missed that Death Ship was coming...I almost over paid for this yesterday but decided to wait. So happy I did! Love this movie so much!!!!
    20. startide
      Any details on Death Ship? I already have the UK disc so some girl doing intros for it isn't worthy of a double dip, unless by some miracle they managed to obtain decent materials for it.

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