American Sniper (2014) quick review

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    Errrrrr no. But thanks, I appreciate the effort to try and make something out of nothing.

    But even if that was 100% fact that Kyle paid Lee $26,000 to lie in court, you clearly said witnesses .... plural. More than one. Let's see some more examples.
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    True I said plural. I made an assumption that there were more because it said "veterans' causes". It implies more, but you are right, only the one confirmed witness. All I said was "paid witnesses". In other words witnesses who have been paid money by the people they are testifying in favour of. In other words unreliable. Not necessarily paid to lie, but paid and therefore conflict of interest. ;)

    Watched American Sniper last night. I found it to be largely fascinating and entertaining, but there are aspects of it that bummed me out. The Americans unintentionally came off as the bad guys most of the time which set most of the film in an awkward light. There was also a strange conflict in tone throughout where it was straddling between something like Top Gun and something of more historical integrity. I guess that's due in large part to this story being based off of this dude's autobiography and directed by someone eager to believe in what it stands for. It's clear that Chris Kyle thought highly of himself and of America and war and America's right to bring war to Iraq. It's a sentiment that I'm sure a specific demographic of people can resonate with and therefore I would say this movie is obviously targeted at them.

    However, Clint Eastwood could have taken what Kyle wrote about himself and shaped into into a something with a sense of objectivity and it would have elevated the film to a classic level. I think there is somewhat an obligation to be objective in a film set in a recent and controversial war. Otherwise it all comes off glorified and leaves an unintended bad taste. It would have been interesting to see this conditioned, expert killer, struggle with a divided country and differing perspectives of the war. The PTSD is somewhat handled with kid gloves here making it seem like Kyle had a bad weekend and his wife came off like a nagging cunt most of the time. As it is I can't relate to this character at all. He's too one-dimensional. He's an action hero with a licence to kill. He's basically Chuck Norris.

    There are great moments though. I enjoyed some of Kyle's dialogue. "There's a war going on and I'm headed to the mall." That is great and I admittedly wanted them to get back to the action at that point which made that part very effective. His wife also comments on his hands feeling different. I've heard of that before. Their hands become like rocks. Those brief moments of insight made me want to like this more than I did.

    I guess there are some who still hold onto the idea that invading Iraq was a just reaction to 911. The same people who assume you hate veterans and soldiers if you hold any objection to that war and the Bush administration. People who think America does no wrong. This film will no doubt appeal to them. It will also appeal to some who and are attracted to war because they've only experienced it in movie-form. And on that front, I'll admit I can somewhat relate to that attraction. I've watched my share of Funker530 videos, but I gotta say even those have more perspective than American Sniper in that they are raw and real. This film is more for people who want to believe in, or simply enjoy, a tall tale.

    One other thing in regards to the criticism on this movie. It is ART and should invite conversation and it has done a great job of that and so Eastwood should be commended in that regard.
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