AMC's Hammer Schedule For March

Discussion in 'Classic' started by HammerFANatic, Feb 28, 2001.

  1. Here we go Hammer fans...a decent month from AMC. Remember, all dates listed are EST, so adjust accordingly. And enjoy!

    04 March
    The Mummy

    07 March
    Dracula-Prince of Darkness

    11 March
    One Million Years B.C.

    18 March
    The Nanny

    23 March
    Curse of Frankenstein

    24 March
    Curse of Frankenstein
  2. jae

    jae Guest

    Alot of stuff coming on Scifi this month too. Horror of Dracula, Taste the Blood of Dracula, Frankenstein created Woman and Frankenstein Must be Destroyed that I remember and probably more.

    I wish AMC would show Twins of Evil.. During their monsterfest last halloween they showed clips of it from this documentary thing of theirs. I still haven't seen it and its not available anywhere it would seem.
  3. Mark Relford

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    Thanks for the info, HF. I'll be taping The Nanny.

    jae, Twins of Evil is great! I rented it at a Blockbastard of all places.
  4. jae

    jae Guest

    Blockbuster sucks.. I checked the only one near me and they mainly have newer Full Moon type crap and the usual Nightmare on Elm Street/Friday the 13th stuff.. I need to check Hollywood out..

    Who owns the rights to Twins of Evil? Could be anybody really, Warner, MGM..

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