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Jul 31, 2017
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Dec 16, 1994 (Age: 27)

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9, 10. Never Sleep Again., 27, from Texas

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Jul 31, 2017
    1. Vlachio
      You can't make chicken salad, out of chicken shit! gobble gobble gobble!
    2. snowbeast323
      Thanks for the compliment! :D :)
    3. Magellan
      Thanks a lot!
    4. Erick H.
      Erick H.
      Happy New Year man,I hope 2009 is good to you.(Congrats on the hat too,very stylish !)
    5. Spit
      Ah! Great chicken hat! Happy Christmas and Merry New Years!
    6. Harry Warden
      Harry Warden
      Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2009 my friend!!
    7. Erick H.
      Erick H.
      Ah,NEW YEARS EVIL,just the right avatar for the season.I haven't seen that one since it ran on Elvira's MOVIE MACABRE ages ago.Wish it would get a DVD release.
    8. Mutilated Prey
      Mutilated Prey
      Merry Christmas Buddy!
    9. Matt89
      Merry Christmas bud!! :D
    10. Erick H.
      Erick H.
      Merry Christmas,hope you have a great one !

      Erick H.
    11. spawningblue
      Thanks dude! I'm guessing it was yours as well, well Happy belated B-Day!! Nice avatar, watched that movie the other day for the first time It was a sleazy good time. I followed it up with the classic Black Christmas. Have to throw in some horror, even at Christmas!
    12. Erick H.
      Erick H.
      Good choice,very festive.Nothing says ''Merry Christmas " quite like the threat of an ax murderer.
      Have a great Christmas !
    13. Erick H.
      Erick H.
      Hey,like the new avatar,very Christmassy !
    14. Matt89
      Although I'm Canadian and our Thanksgiving was back in October, nonetheless, Happy Thanksgiving dude! :D
    15. Erick H.
      Erick H.
      Just wanted to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving.Have a good one !
    16. Erick H.
      Erick H.
      Hope you had a good time.I watched DVD's and passed out candy,got a lot more kids than usual.No biggie,but a fun night.
      Take care and Happy Halloween !

    17. Matt89
      Happy Halloween dude! :D
    18. Erick H.
      Erick H.
      Happy Halloween !

      So,got any big plans for the big day ? I'm not quite sure what I'm doing just yet.The stuff I had planned fell through at the last minute,so I'm playing this by ear.Might hit the town,might just stay in,watch movies and pass out candy.Not the wildest celebration,but better than working late.
      I hope you're well,have a great day !
      Oh,I like the new avatar.
      Take care.

    19. Uncle Jay
      Uncle Jay
      Hey man, thanks for the friendship and the greetings. This seems like a great place! Hit me up anytime!
    20. Erick H.
      Erick H.
      Boy,you listed some favorites of mine right off.BLACK CHRISTMAS is great,CLOCKWORK is one of Kubrick's best and I'm a big SUSPIRIA fan.I'm a fan of most of Argento's,DEEP RED and TENEBRAE are favorites.I enjoy some of the classic shoot em ups like THE WILD BUNCH and THE KILLER and lots of early John Carpenter (THE FOG,THE THING etc.).Odd you mentioned DONNIE DARKO,it took me a long time to catch up to it but when I finally did see it I loved it.I'm a fan of a lot of older stuff the Sergio Leone westerns and classic horror pictures with guys like Vincent Price,Christopher Lee and Peter Cushing.I grew up with drive-ins as a kid and we saw a little bit of everything,so I really have a pretty wide range of stuff I like.Horrors always been my favorite but I get a kick out of all sorts of films.
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    Dec 16, 1994 (Age: 27)
    Hey there, I'm Taylor

    Theatre, Filmmaking


    "A lot of movies are about life, mine are like a slice of cake." ~ Alfred Hitchcock

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