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Joe Six-Pack
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Hammer's "The Quiet Ones"

In case you missed the theatrical run earlier this year, it hit home video today. Picked up the BD and enjoyed the movie. If you're unaware of the story, it's about a group (professor and students) who attempt to create a ghost with the help of a mentally ill person. Slow build movie, interesting story (IMO) and something original. It kept all 3 of my kids interested and scared them. lol I think it's worth checking out. I have really been liking these new Hammer films. Can't wait to see more from them!
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Was a bit disappointing I thought. BUT I do fancy watching it again ��
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Erick H.
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I saw it at a Cinema Café before it's run ended and thought it was pretty decent. Good cast.
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Family is Forever
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Watched this last night and was really impressed. It's not perfect, but it's a solid effort. They did a great job of capturing the 70's aesthetic. Throughout the the film I imagined Jarred Harris (who was great) as Peter Cushing who played characters that are no doubt where they drew inspiration from.

Less reliance on jump scares and a slightly more focused perspective would have made this a classic.

Ideally, it should have been more about how the Brian character is glamoured into participating with the experiment. I feel like he drinks the Kool Aid too soon and so I never felt like the experiment was a venture with any sort of noble intentions. From the beginning I thought it was cruel.
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