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They stay the same age...
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Originally Posted by maskull View Post
You should be able to do it with no problems. I usually manage 120-140 each October and that's with work and various other distractions. If you don't watch 300 I'll be disappointed with you.

I booked off the 1st this year so I can stay up late to watch a movie right at midnight and then have the whole day to get started on the massive pile I have sitting here. Getting excited!
I don't know how it'd even be possible to watch 300 at 10 movies a day haha.

I factored in getting drunker than a bicycle on weekends, so that knocks some days out for hangovers if needed.
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Even at 150 movies in October you're looking at 8 hours a day minimum. That's a lot of movie watching.
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Since I work 8-5 now I can't stay up late only to START movies off at midnight (which Vampira and I use to do together) so I'll be starting out early during the senior's "night" hours:

Seems like the perfect day to end September with an Ancient Aliens marathon on TV with new episode tonight and my ritual segue into October with:

Invader Zim: Germs (2001)

I keep watching this before War of the Worlds but I should really watch it afterwards (as Zim and Gir start the cartoon by watching the end of the movie too). I was shocked to see my PS3 queue up the episode. It remember exactly where I stopped the DVD one year ago to the day! I thought the PS3 forgot after I put in another DVD? Boy was I impressed.

Anyways, I just learned this year that Frank Conniff was the head writer for Invader Zim so along with "Clayton Forester" named after War of the Worlds this is becoming surprisingly MST3k referenced. A favorite episode of mine with its Starship Trooper opening adaption of War of the Worlds, brilliant moments with Gir and the Howard Hughes decent into madness of Zim. The gag with the baby here is probably the best gag from the entire show. Sadly the Halloween episode from this series isn't nearly as good.

War of the Worlds (1953)

I always forget that there's an amicable Mexican in the beginning of this movie that the small town fully excepts (but then it is still California). There is a general attempt to mention other countries in a positive manner, and here we think of scripts being re-written to sell to China as a new thing. I only noticed now that Russia is not mentioned at all throughout the film, and when you think about it they say the US is the first to try an atomic bomb but surely the Russians would have been quicker to pull the trigger?

There's some nice old fashion spook house scares here in the abandoned and nearly demolished farmhouse. Some nice blue lighting and later on when they re-create the Martian's vision there's a creepy green tinting used. There's a lot of tropes to later be used by George A. Romero so this still makes for an appropriate start to my marathon as I intend to go a full week of zombie related Romero fun leading up to the Rifftrack of NotLD. But here I'm getting ahead of myself...
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October 1st

1) American Scream: This is one of the most unique, bizarre, hysterical, and oddly sad documentaries I have ever seen. The film documents three families who specialize in DIY haunted houses in the town of Fairhaven, MA. It's a beautifully done film that channels the spirit of Halloween and the desire to be creative and original. It's currently streaming on Netflix and I urge everyone subscribed to check it out this month. It is defiantly worth your while. (8/10)

2) Jeffrey Dahmer Files: Since junior high or so, I've been obsessed with serial killers and serial murders. I have seen more documentaries than I can count on this subject so I was geeked when I first heard about this film. Although I enjoyed the presentation of the film, it really lacked any real incite about Dahmer or serial killing in general, it was more of a police procedure type documentary in vain of "Cold Case Files." I surprisingly loved the dramatizations, which were welled directed and acted, and the meager three interviewees who participated were interesting characters to say the least (God damn that officer with the mustache can really paint a picture with words). I can't fully recommend this if you have seen a number of documentaries on Dahmer, but for those looking to see what he is all about it is not a bad place to start. (6/10)
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October 2013:

10/1: Twins of Evil (1971)-9/10
+6 trader.
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9, 10. Never Sleep Again.
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10/1: My Bloody Valentine (1981)

One of my favorite slasher films, my best friend picked this to watch tonight!
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As usual, I won't be watching more than one movie on work days, and since I work shifts I got to make the extra time, but I'll manage. Saturday and Sundays are reserved for double or triple features with one all night movie marathon planned on a Saturday. Lucky me I'm off from work starting Wednesday till Sunday so I'm gonna try to squeeze in a few extra movies.

Last movie in September was Book of Shadows: Blair Witch 2 as a warm up. Haven't seen in over 10 years and the DVD was already gathering way too much dust.

In my opinion an overall lame effort, with bad moments and unintentional humor. No thrills, no scares, cheap gore plus silly plot and unappealing actors (I can't stand Goth chicks). Blair Witch 2 only works for me on a bad movie level but the fun cheese didn't fully deliver.
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October 1st

Movie #1, around 1:45 AM -
Magic (1978 / directed by Richard Attenborough) -

Bad forced psycho-drama. The last thing I'll say is that it was boring but that doesn't mean I was the slightest bit invested. I was too busy making faces in reaction to all the lemonade it was squeezing. This thing is denser than the wooden head of Fats, the dummy (not pictured above; ha). This thing consistently dives low in the hope of raising tensions and because it had no great ideas, it fails every time. Also, considering how often the dummy flirted with every woman and talked about his [link joke] yet claimed Hopkins used him to get laid... why the fuck wasn't he "real" again? There's, of course (or else it's pretty obvious this film wouldn't have a reputation) a scene where the doll comes to life and kills someone. But the ending is very "it was all in your imagination." Go home, movie- you're drunk!

The less heavy the characters, the better they fare. Best thing I can say about Hopkins is that he was sexy when he was younger. That's how I think I got through the agonizing first "act," including the scenes with the cab driver. With sleazy smile; yeah, this guy's trustworthy. Yet more stone cold proof that it's pretty damn hard to make a good killer doll/puppet movie.

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Silent Noize
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October 1st

01. Night Gallery: The Cemetery
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Remaking My Soul
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Movie #2, around 5:00 AM -
Visiting Hours (1982 / directed by Jean-Claude Lord) -

Well played, movie. Very well played. As you can imagine, given my typically feminist leanings (which some right here have regarded as a dirty word), I have a few concerns with the structure of these movies. It's the same problem I have with the glut of torture films of 2003-2013: you can't keep making dozens of dozens (of dozens) of movies about the same damn thing, exactly the same way, and expect it to have gravity, depth, or power to it. Fortunately, for every New Year's Evil (just about the absolute key example of a truly misogynistic movie masquerading as psychologically insightful)- we have one of these. That is to say: it actually cares about the issues it raises and sees that they are given grounding in the film. Even though it spends a lot of time on questionable flashbacking to the killer's one-dimensional (and not very illuminating) childhood (and... he liked that his father molested him??), it really did give a fuck about the reporter and making a very fair and realistic statement about the necessity of violent self-defense. The character, surprisingly, underwent an honest arc and her final actions weren't glamorized. In fact, the press are shown as tactless whores for covering her in flashbulbs during her realization that she had to kill to save herself. It's also extremely well-shot for a down-and-dirty slasher and just about every character is either likable or enigmatic, though I never want that to be the excuse for a movie to spend so much damn time showing every move the killer makes. Frankly, he gets more screentime than any of the women do by themselves and I don't feel as though I learned a thing about him, psychologically. Except that he has an obsession with leather. And, apparently, hating women means you're a racist as well. Uhhhhmmmmmm...

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I kicked things off early last night with The Hitcher, great film but what an awful looking print for the dvd.
This one is ripe for a Scream Factory updating for sure.
Anyway, I would give the film 4/5.
Rutger Hauer is a little too believable in this one. LOL.
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Movie #3, around 7:00 AM -
Invaders from Mars (1986 / directed by Tobe Hooper) -

Well... it was fun while it lasted. That is, the first hour. Nothing much to say about it either, it's just a fun hour of Invasion of the Body Snatchers mumbojumbo with a non-annoying kid as the protagonist. Then... they tacked on a completely useless 40-minute ending. After Robert Vaughn in Bud the Chud and Paul Sorvino in The Stuff, James Karen never stood a chance and the movie doesn't give him anything to do anyway. He has one sorta karate sergeant who becomes the most likable member of the troop team and some guy falls down a hill and pushes him into the Sandpit of Doom where the martians kill him. That's the kind of ending this is. Some guy randomly falls down the hill and knocks him over. Then, it turns out it was all a dream. Until it all starts over again, ala- Nightmare City. Also... note to kid: don't stroke Karen Black. Please don't. You're already laying on an actual bed mattress in a boiler room with her, don't push it.
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Originally Posted by Anthropophagus View Post
I kicked things off early last night with The Hitcher, great film but what an awful looking print for the dvd.
This one is ripe for a Scream Factory updating for sure.
Anyway, I would give the film 4/5.
Rutger Hauer is a little too believable in this one. LOL.
Right on. I haven't seen this in more than a decade as I'm waiting for a decent presentation. Get Shout Factory on this title.
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October 1st

Started out with Vincent Price triple bill to kick off.

1. House Of Wax (1953). ( dvd)
Had not seen this in over 20 years and I forgot good this film is. Twisted take on Frankenstein , no one in the horror genre does creepy. like Vincent price.

2. The Fly (1958) (blu ray)
Full of memorable scenes ,a cautionary tale of the consequences of men trying to be gods.

3. Fall of the House of Usher (1960) ( blu ray)
First time viewing. Can't believe it's taken me so long to see this.
Spooky gothic atmosphere , no definitive explanation on the madness which affects the usher family and great performances all round.
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Remaking My Soul
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Movie #4, around 10:00 AM -
Burial Ground (1981 / directed by Andrea Bianchi) -

Can you believe there are some people out there who don't like Troll 2? I used to think to myself: I... guess I could see how. Now, I've seen this film. And I know those people have just not been exposed to this. If they did, holy fuck would they be worshipping at the Altar of Nilbog!

I was thinking, as I was watching (about 50 minutes in), that I would compliment it by saying it impressed me that the women fight back... then one of them lets her zombie son eat her tit. Previously, she might have actually had the best track record in vanquishing these walking turdfaced things I think we're meant to buy as zombies. Then she became the weakest link.

Yeah, this is one incredible garbage heap of a movie. As such, like in a junkyard, there are a few salvageable pieces. The sequence of the maid being killed (these zombies are such freaking failures in every imaginable way- they needed tools all along). There's even a sequence I would describe as downright beautiful - the mother killing the zombie woman eating her son in the bathroom - even though I laughed at it.

Unfortunately, I didn't laugh often enough. This is fucking boring. And predictable (yes, I actually figured out the zombie opening the door slowly - remember that bit? - was the goddamn Professor from the opening... and, yes, I practically stood up and did a frickin' Endzone dance). And stupid. Real stupid. The kind of stupid that makes a mark that paints an entire movie in something that smells like piss. Like piss is impossible to misidentify, this can't feasibly be mistaken for anything more than schlock.
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