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Would you classify Black Swan as horror?

I'm currently rewatching Black Swan again and I was just reading this article that explains it fooled the Academy into nominating a horror film for Best Picture, as a horror film is such a seldom nominated genre.


What do you think? would you put Black Swan up in your horror collection or just in the "regular movies" stack?
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That's funny, I just rewatched this last night for the first time since I saw it in the theater. Man, I love this film.

Yeah, I'd put it in horror. On the surface level, it is certainly shot using horror imagery and techniques. Thematically, it fits quite comfortably next to Repulsion, The Tenant and American Psycho as depictions of the slow descent into madness, etc.
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Mutilated Prey
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It could pass for horror, with a secondary genre of drama.
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It's listed as Psychological Horror in my Blu-ray collection which I think is a most fitting label.
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A psychosexual drama filtered through some psychological and body horrors.
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I personally wouldn't classify it as such. I don't know what exactly I'd classify it as... Weird?
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I say no. Only because Arnofsky's Requiem for a Dream is very similar in tone, and truly much, much more terrifying. That said, Black Swan has some terrific and unexpected scares.
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id put it right next to Step UP to the Streets
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I know there are some haters but I loved this movie. I could see it being classified as horror or non-horror and I could understand either side - I tend to lean horror. BUT - even though I lean horror it is not in my horror section of my collection- it is with Arnofskys other movies in the independent/art area of my collection. The Wrestler and Requeim For A Dream and "pi" are all great.
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I don't consider it to be a horror film. Same goes for Requiem For A Dream, even though both movies have often been discussed / reviewed on various horror websites.
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