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Old 10-13-2012, 07:32 PM   #16
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I felt this was one of the best horror films to come out in years. It's NOT a film that panders to the ADHD generation but instead slowly builds up not unlike "The Shining." The film however, had a few scenes you know were thrown in by studio executives (I'll talk about this under the spoilers warning).


No, we don't need to see the dead kids running around in the Hallway, the photograph showing the hands on the main character was enough. Implication would have been better.

No, we didn't need to see Baghoul in the end, the child should have simply disappeared.

The final scare was stupid.

Instead of the reveal with the daughter and the poisoning of Hawke, we should have seen Hawke watching the extended cuts of the films. After he notices the poison in his coffee, it should have cut to video footage of Hawk and his family (I felt that this was already implied because of the light being shown on him while he was sleeping, like he was being filmed). It then should have ended with Hawks family being murdered in a super 8 film with Baghoul in the background watching, and then the credits should have run.

I felt they missed the mark on this ending by having the stupid ghost children and Baghoul and having the daughter explain crap... They had the right idea but executed it poorly so an idiotic audience would get it. Ambiguity goes a long way...

I was happy however, Baghoul wasn't turned into a slasher. I really enjoyed the super 8 snuff films and I felt the murders were done in a really creepy way. Despite guessing the twist on who committed the murders, I felt it was still really creepy when we saw "the final cuts."

I know it sounds like I'm bashing it, but this is the best new horror film I've seen in years despite its flaws. The film oozes atmosphere, has a dread inducing sound track and just works on so many levels. I guess I'm knit picking because I felt this film was so good that I sensed studio intervention from a mile away and wish they'd take that crap out to make a perfect horror film.

The film wasn't afraid to be subtle but I feel a directors cut that involved even more subtlty would work to this films advantage.

I wrote this purposefully vague just in case wandering and curious eyes still scan the spoilers. You won't know what I'm talking about unless you've seen the film.

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Took my daughter to see this today and while I found the film entertaining it certainly wasn't one of the best horror films of the last decade as a few others said. For one thing it seemed to go on far too long and I figured out the ending before the first half of the film was done. There were a couple of scares and my daughter actual jumped during one scene which was the highlight for me. I've never been a fan of hand held (skaky cam) shots and that always annoys me. Bottom line; if you're a member of this site you should give the film a theatrical viewing. I'm sure the effect won't be nearly as good on home video.
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Old 10-14-2012, 05:57 PM   #18
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Originally Posted by vampyr789 View Post
I'm with SeanValen on this, I thought it was one of the best horror films in a while.
It may have some cliched moments, but I was really impressed and surprised.
Blows Insidious out of the water, the mood and atmosphere was tense and creepy from the start, the music was crazy, but really made a huge impact.
Some insane scares and extremely disturbing imagery.

Everyone at least give this a chance, go see it.

A production budget of 3 million I read. Very impressive for that money. It's had a 18 milliion weekend, very good, better then Insidious's box office and one of Ethan Hawks best box office films in a long time, he usually gets badluck with box office performances, and I did like his vampire film daybreakers which deserved more money in the coffers.

I think Sinister will become only a victim of expectations. When someone says it's one of the best horror films in years, they may go in with expectations, but I actually went into Sinister having read a review praising it as one of the best horror film in years, and it didn't set me up for a fall, it's like the dark knight rises, a example where hype meets expectations and everyone is happy.

Although on this forum, we have the biggest contrast of film fans who completely disect the film in different ways to maybe illusion you into thinking the film is not good, or too good. My advice is don't read or take too much of what us guys say in this thread, just WATCH IT, AND IF YOU DO WANNA TAKE SOMETHING OUT OF THIS THREAD, THEN TAKE THIS:

Fetch my slippers and I'll throw in a pizza.
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^ Although, it wasn't overly impressed with Sinister I do hope people go to support it. The more "R" rated true horror movies we can get released the better. Skip the shit like House at the End of the Road and see this instead!
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I HATE pg-13 horror... Kids kill it... I pay to watch the movie, not listen to some little fuck yak.

Movie going experience:
Sinister > The Possession

My girlfriend and I went to see The Possession and there was a stupid gun scare because of some of those little brats needed attention. They evacuated the theater and I had to come back and sit through that crap a second time...

The Possession sucked anyway though with that stupid high pitched Daewoo or whatever the fuck that thing was called... :|

Sinister was thankfully all adults and it was a quiet packed house. Sooo nice.
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Old 10-15-2012, 04:07 PM   #21
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Go see it! Saw it, loved it.

Had completely forgotten it was by the director of The Exorcism of Emily Rose until I noticed the "Directed By" credit after it was over. Very creepy film.

Where Emily Rose was part possession/part courtroom drama, this is part possession/part true crime. Sort of like if Zodiac had a demonic element to it. I really dug this one and want to see it again!
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From the commercials I was thinking it should be called, "Ethan Hawk in a Grandpa Sweater". I was expecting a lot more negative opinions on this. I may have to check it out after all.
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Old 10-15-2012, 09:52 PM   #23
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Saw it last night and thought it was very good. I didn't care to much for scene's with the children but I did enjoyed the mystery element. I would recommend it as it's well above average.
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Old 10-16-2012, 02:54 AM   #24
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I saw this one yesterday and I'm torn on it. I thought the first hour or so was great with a good amount of atmosphere and dread building with each new discovery. After that, it feels like it went on generic horror autopilot and had all of the things I had enjoyed earlier sucked out of it.

A number of folks mention liking the score, but I'm not in that camp. I found myself getting distracted by it too often. It telegraphs some decent scares that wind up not having any impact because of it.

All of those criticisms aside, it's definitely worth a watch.
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Old 10-25-2012, 06:41 PM   #25
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Took a chance on this on Tuesday and really really liked it.

Sinister opens with a truly terrifying glimpse into the events that bring Ellison to the home, a static 8mm home movie that's unflinching take is grisly, haunting, and sets the tone for the rest of the film. Atmospheric and slow-burning, Sinister is a welcome return to real horror missing from well over the past decade where horror films have become watered down rehashes of nothing but jump scares. Scott Derrickson lets the actors sink into their roles by using longer takes that don't cut away, giving tension time to build, and letting things organically loosen up with scenes of expertly placed humour as well as real family drama. Ethan Hawke plays Ellison with a great amount of restraint, showing a family man caught up in his work who during his time of focus ignores those around him until he himself comes to a breaking point. Also, the film's sinister events effectively turn the found footage genre on it's head by correctly incorporating a frightening use for the genre: the 8mm home movies of the past victims, which are both beautifully haunting as well as genuinely terrifying. Sinister manages to actually get under your skin and disturb. It's not overly violent, it's not overly graphic, but it plays it's cards right and knows how to scare via true suspense. Sinister is a great new horror film that's worth checking out. Ignore the marketing as it's marketed incorrectly and just give it a shot. Plus, it's got Ulver and Sunn O))) on the soundtrack used to great effect as well as Christopher Young's brooding score.
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Kim Bruun
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I just got back from seeing this, and...

I definitely agree that that first shot of the hanging is very strong. It creeped me out and and made me brace myself for a terrifying movie. And it does deliver a few sharp jolts in the spooky night time scenes with a frightened Ethan Hawke investigating strange noises in his dark house.

But... The way the supernatural angle plays out totally sinks it for me... Spoilers: By the time the ghostly kids start running about the house, it becomes obvious what is going to happen. One of the Oswalt kids will become possessed and kill his family. The professor's and deputy's bits of exposition near the end are totally unnecessary, and by the end, you'll be going: "Oh, it was one of those ancient-Babylonian-deity-traps-possessed-child-on-Super 8-after-family-slaying movies..." It simply kills its own mystery - some iconic horrors need a whole franchise to accomplish that, but this one does it in just one movie. The final scare is a a real howler, by the way.

So for me, this is something of a misfire. Not as aggrevating as Drag Me to Hell, but I'd probably rate it lower than Insidious.
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This movie was fucking awful. It had such a strong premise and there were parts that were genuinely scary but it falls flat on its face. It's wildly inconsistent. It goes from being very smart and atmospheric to just lazy. The last act of the film just ruins it. Perfect example of a good idea wrecked by terrible execution.

I was hoping it would be a lot like Insidious, a movie that was about 10 times better than this turned out to be. What a disappointment.

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I just got back from this and liked it well enough. The 8mm movies that Hawke watches are the best part of the film (the lawnmower!), but it loses footing as it becomes more supernatural. For fans of the film and the director in episodes 13 & 14 of the SMovieMakers podcast (http://smodcast.com/channels/smoviemakers/), Kevin Smith talks making horror with Scott Derrickson, writer/director of Sinister, The Exorcism of Emily Rose, and Hellraiser: Inferno. There is a lot of good stuff in here about the business of horror, but I love the stories about Blumhouse Productions, the company behind Sinister and the Paranormal Activity series. Their secret to success? Keeping budgets low (nothing over $5 million) and giving the filmmakers complete creative control. I had no idea that Insidious (the company's last non-P.A. horror film) only cost $800,000. They're really putting all their money up on the screen!
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Thanks to all those who gave their reviews on this. Would be nice to see a few more impressions about the film. I have all my weekends tied up for the next month and it would be hard for me to get out and see the movie....but if it's really worth it. Please, tell us more!
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I just saw this recently as well. Before I start getting all negative, I will say that it was a good time at the theater. It's a well made film that shows care, polish, and a bit of intelligence.

High points for having the characters realize that they should leave the house and then leaving the house. Also nice they way that leaving the house worked into them continuing the curse, even if that was telegraphed way early

But, as fun as it was to watch and as nice as it was to hear all the kids in the theater scream and jump, etc., the film really lacked creativity and overall was fairly superficial. The design and performance of the ghosts was less than inspired. And Mr. Boogie really seemed like a reject from a black metal band. It almost seemed like they were trying to give the goth crowd a new costume idea for next Halloween. The central premise is interesting, but it really could have been fleshed out into some larger sort of picture. I think the best horror films delve into some sort of larger social/psychological fear and examine and exploit that. This film doesn't really do that and suffers a bit for it.

In the end though, it's a really good disposable Halloween fright ride. But. it's not something that you will remember for long and I doubt that anyone would want to watch it multiple times. But, the craft that went into making the film shows and makes it a very enjoyable run for the time invested.


The sound design is excellent even if it is a bit ham-fisted

Since many are comparing it to Insidious, I'd say that Sinister is not as good as the first half of Insidious, but it's a lot better than the last half of Insidious.

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