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Originally Posted by Hellbilly View Post
I was looking up German Blu-ray releases and noticed there is a sequel from the same director.
I hope the sequel gets a U.S. release. I enjoyed the first one, which I picked up at Big Lots for $3.00 a year or so ago.
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I would always recommend the first, not so sure about the sequel. Just watched Outpost: Black Sun and I was underwhelmed. While I appreciate the director trying something different it still felt bloated yet empty, overlong and not quite epic as intended.
The first one had a few creepy scenes, the sequel did not. Acting was ok, the f/x alright but when you add it all up the outcome is still average. My rating: 2.5/5
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I thought the sequel was quite entertaining. It was different enough from the original to stay fresh, yet without straying much from the original's storyline. It almost played out like one of Joseph Farrell's crazy Nazi conspiracy theories.

Great look to the film too...if often resembled a major budgeted motion picture.
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The sequel was dreadful. Watched it at Frighfest in London this year, and was not impressed to say the least. Predictable, surprisingly anemic and void of the atmosphere found in the first part. There was so much potential, but none of it was sufficiently and effectively put to good use. The first film IS great though.

There's a third part coming to btw. It was announced by the film makers at Frightfest.
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