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Houses October Built

Has anybody checked this out yet? It came out with a very limited theatrical release this weekend. It is also on demand/VOD. It looked fun and interesting but I have not had the chance to check it out yet. I was hoping for a DVD/blu release that would come before Halloween since it pretty much went straight to on demand (and obviously they need to capitalize on Halloween/October viewing). Any word about this movie? DVD/blu release? Thanks.
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Rather interested in this..... then I saw the trailer.
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Surprised by all the buzz around this one. Watched it last night, and it was just another mediocre found-footage flick. Far from the worst I've seen, but far from impressive as well. Annoying shrill characters, lengthy scenes of nothing happening, dull scares, and a lame ending. The highlight of the movie was seeing the haunted attractions.

Like most of today's found-footage horror, this is not something I'd ever revisit. I'll stick with Hauntedween.
DVDs / blu-rays for sale
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Joe Six-Pack
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I really liked the haunted attraction sequences. To be honest, if someone recorded the best ones (in the world) at 24fps, added some ambient music and followed a group in these, that would be fun enough to watch!

The movie it self was worth a watch. I thought the ending was rather abrupt, but that seems to be the standard in these found footage movies.
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