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mgm hopefully will finally release thos on dvd this fall around halloween anyone else think it will finally be coming out to dvd this year since trick r treat is coming this october ?
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Originally Posted by Ash28M View Post
Got a chance to watch this tonight and after reading some bad reviews. I ended up really enjoying it. I found it to be very well done and creepy. I knew it wasn't real but on the believability scale I found it be second only to the Blair Witch Project. IT wasn't perfect as some of interviews and dialog wasn't as believable as it could be. Saying that it is really tough to get this type of setup perfect so you basically need to let some of the missteps slide. I already know it's going to be a love it or hate it affair but lean me towards the love it scale.
Saw it tonight and I pretty much agree. There are numerous obvious flaws but I still give it a passing grade. I actually liked the ending. I thought most of the interviews were pretty believable. The dialog in the videos was another story as was some of the "facts". But I would say to give it a watch if you get the chance. It isn't scary in a traditional way but I felt it had an unsettling quality that can only be achieved though these types of "found" movies. And that little touch
of Cheryl not having a hand when she scratched her head
was quite unexpected and not exploited in some stupid way like a loud noise or zoom in or anything. It was a momentary thing but made an uncomfortable scene even more uncomfortable.
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Finally got around to this and while it feels cheap at every turn (sometimes to the point of being very distracting) I thought it just managed to click at the right time (the last 20 minutes) for me to feel satisfied.
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Saw this last week and don't understand why people like this. The acting in the footage was pretty good, it was all the other acting that made this feel cheap, fake and pointless. It has one scene which I felt was genuinely creepy (when he crawls across the floor). Other than that I just felt like I wasted my time watching it.
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