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Demons 2 is a terrible film, even though it is essentially a remake of the brilliant original.
That's an unpopular opinion? I thought it was a given.

A few of mine...

1. Hammer Horror is derivate and dull.
2. Christopher Lee is great in many roles, but Dracula's not one of them.
3. The Shining only works on a campy level.
4. Brian De Palma stole every single shot he has ever filmed. I will never understand how he gets away with it as it is all so blatantly obvious.
5. The Last House on the Left and The Hills Have Eyes are two of the worst films ever made, and I think everyone knows it.
6. Italian horror is basically ridiculous.
7. Death Proof has made me question my admiration of Quentin Tarantino's movies.
8. Remakes aren't that big of a deal.
9. The Beyond sucks. Plain and simple.
10. More gore and more tits is not always better. Settle down Beavis.

PS I totally still stand by this list.
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1. Halloween III is not only over-rated, it's pretty horrible with a laughably inept climax.

2. Devils Rejects is a mean, misogynistic mess that does nothing but pander to the lowest forms of entertainment - it far worse than any so called "Torture Porn" flick.

3. Hostel has more humor, better Grand Guignol gore, and more soul than Devils Rejects.

4. The majority of horror flicks made in the 80's have aged terribly, they look worse than cinema of the 30's.

5. You know, Lugosi's Dracula IS better than the Spanish version, whose Dracula looks like someone auditioning for Seinfeld.

6. Romero has been washed so far up the beach he's likely to get hit by cars.

7. Hooper has been washed so far up the beach he's almost hit an altitude record.

8. The Spiderman films are ALL pretty naff.

9. Lord of the Rings is too long. And the FX aren't all that.

10. Tarantino is just a loud mouth, with loud films. His self-promotion is ceaseless, annoying, and is the main point of all he does.

11. Ju-On is a BORING film with no scares.

12. The Eye is J-Horror for people who really prefer to be watching American Horror.

13. Enough mainstream centered work already. Cronenberg needs to get back to what he does best.

14. Ash is one of the most annoying characters in comedy (with a little horror splashed in).

15. In fact, Bruce is a ninny, and hasn't done anything worth noting.

16. Death Metal isn't music. It's an experience. Like being in a train wreck.

17. Most people watch WAY TOO MUCH television.

18. Lost, 24, Heroes, blah blah blah. All formulaic trash for the brain numb.

19. No, Duran Duran weren't ever good.

20. I know I should eat more vegetables. But sorry, meat tastes too good.

21. I know I should be more green, but I like leaving my lights on and having a bigger car than I need.

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It's beer time.
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I wanted to just dig through the old thread, but gave up.

Have to echo the others who dislike Asian horror, Japanese horror in particular.

I can't offhand recall any J-horror film that I thought worked as a complete, coherent movie--they've always relied on a few key scenes, with the rest of it being like watching paint dry. Other than those key scenes, they have zero rewatchability for me--pretty much the reason chapter skip was invented. I have liked a few of the films from other Asian countries, but something about how the Japanese put movies together just doesn't work for me at all.

Although I like it much more than I used to, I will always consider DAY OF THE DEAD to be the weakest of Romero's zombie films, yes, even including LAND OF THE DEAD. I think it's become almost common for people to say "it's underrated." It's gotten to the point where it's the majority opinion is to like DAY the best, but I never have.

I've never liked the original BLACK CHRISTMAS all that much, but I did enjoy the remake.

Never liked DEAD ALIVE or ARMY OF DARKNESS. Really only like the first EVIL DEAD, and even that I consider to be pretty overrated.

I like the RESIDENT EVIL series, especially the second one because it has more zombie action in it. I don't give a rat's ass how it compares to the video game.

I view Argento's movies more as film school exercises than real films. Some of his movies look good and have interesting moments, but I've never considered his work to be among the best of the genre. I prefer Fulci.

DRACULA (1931) is probably the weakest of the classic horror films and has not stood the test of time. Even the weakest films in the other classic franchises are much better.

I have never understood why MAY and the GINGER SNAPS films have such a following.

Although I think I may have finally reached a saturation point so that I don't want to watch it again for a while, I think DAWN OF THE DEAD (2004) is probably one of the better horror films of this decade.

Speaking of the original DAWN, I think NOTLD is the superior film, but not by much. Actually, although I've liked most of Romero's films, I think his best film was his first one.

28 DAYS LATER has a good first half but the second half completely ruins it. I consider it one of the most disappointing horror movies in recent years as far as what *could* have been done with it. The sequel has weak points, but is 100 times better.
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It's beer time.
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Oh, and I don't know how unpopular this is, but I thought DEATH PROOF was one of the worst films I've seen in recent years, and this is coming from someone who has liked Tarrantino's other work. I think if someone else had made this film most of its supporters would say it was a piece of shit.
What would Snake Plissken do?
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Joe Six-Pack
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I think Eli Roth is great and love his movies, same as Rob Zombie.

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Erick H.
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SEVEN is hugely overrated and the "hard edged" ending is a cheat,only giving the audience what it wanted to see in the first place.

David Fincher is not a brilliant stylist,he doesn't know how to create effective lighting,a black screen isn't synonymous with scary.

Paul (RESIDENT EVIL)Anderson is NOT one of the worst directors alive and neither is Uwe Boll.Anderson is pretty competent and Boll's films (up till now,(not including his yet to be released epics)are at least,entertainingly bad.

HALLOWEEN 3 is a very effective film and had it simply been titled SEASON OF THE WITCH would be much more widely admired today.

28 DAYS LATER was overly praised and swiped a ton from DAY OF THE TRIFFIDS.The sequel is much better.
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Screamy Bopper
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Because of this thread, I don't feel so alone. I don't understand what's so great about Texas Chainsaw, either. I'm of the small percentage that actually liked the second one.

I couldn't believe all of the fuss made when Miike's Audition came out. I thought it was a waste of time.

Maybe some people feel the same with me on these:

I hate everything about H.G. Lewis movies. I think that his movies are incompetent to say the least. As a businessman, I respect him -- I mean, he knew how to make money by exploiting the genre.

2 people in general, Eli Roth and Alexandre Aja, have been hailed by some as the saviors of horror. Huh?
Roth is just a travesty. Enough said.
Aja's Haute Tension was just a standard slasher with a nonsensical ending.
His remake of Hills Have Eyes was a standard freak show. I couldn't tell one monster from the other -- in the end, I was referring to them as latex beast#1, latex beast#2, . . .
At least Craven's mutants had some sort of characteristics to tell them apart.

Not really horror but I absolutely loathe The Matrix. How did this movie garner so much praise?

It may have already been mentioned, but Kubrick's The Shining is miles upon miles upon miles better than its source material. I honestly believe that King was just pissed off because someone made a more powerful story than what he could muster. For God's sake, he had a fairytale, all-is-good-with-the-world, Hollywood ending.

This is all I can think of for the time being.
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It's beer time.
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I don't regard Eli Roth's films as being the greatest ever, yet I don't think he deserves anywhere near the derision he seems to get.

I think Cronenberg's last two films are way better than almost all of his earlier work.
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Stanley Kubrick's The Shining is one of the most over rated films EVER.

Both Sam Raimi and Peter Jackson....Sell outs
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I wanted to like all those J-horror movies (Ju-on, Ringu, etc.) but I just didn't think they were all that. Too confusing, as the Asian people look too similar.
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Originally Posted by onebyone View Post
More gore and more tits is not always better.
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The Apocalyptic Kid
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* I liked Evil Dead and Evil Dead 2 far, far, far more than Army of Darkness, and in fact I think that Army of Darkness is not only overrated but ruined the series.

*I found 28 DAYS LATER a boring POS, I actually was having a hard time staying awake and fell asleep a few times watching it. I wasn't drinking and it wasn't late at night, it just really was that boring. I put it in the same pile with the RE series as films to avoid.

* I find most J-Horror far too generic, to the point where they all start to look the same and I can't tell them apart, not that it matters, since I have yet to see a good one anyway.

* I find most, that but not all, Slasher films to be pretty boring, it's just the same old shit time and time again.

* Halloween III: Season of the Witch is NOT underrated.
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Death By Ejaculation
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Some scary opinions....

Opera is Argento's best film, and Inferno is better than Suspiria.

The Beyond is Italian Horror at it's finest.

The whole Nightmare on Elm Street series sucks, even the first.

Halloween 3 is a joke.

Depalma's Sisters is far better than Carrie.

.......oh and almost forgot....Mario Bava's films are completely overated.
And remember my friend, future events such as these will affect you in the future.


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Originally Posted by onebyone View Post
5. The Last House on the Left and The Hills Have Eyes are two of the worst films ever made, and I think everyone knows it.
6. Italian horror is basically ridiculous.
9. The Beyond sucks. Plain and simple.
the funniest post i've read in a while, thanks onebyone ....
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The Chaostar
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Unpopular Opinions....

1. If you don't like Kubrick you don't like cinema - you just don't know it yet.

2. Zombie is talentless but that's not that unpopular.

3. A good pair of tits is the best thing a bad movie can provide.

4. Carpenter is bored making films for about a decade.

5. I hate tv series like Lost and all that shit. This is not storytelling. Hill Street Blues could establish characters and provide a satisfying build up in 45 minutes. THAT is storytelling.

6. Cartoons were better in the 60-70s

7. I hate Adam Sandler. I hate his asshole face.

8. The remake of Wicker Man kicks ass.

9. Exorcist II kicks ass too.

10. A lot of great american films bomb in the US and achieve box-office success in Europe.

11. I get bored with Slasher films.

12. What's the big deal with Kane Hodder? Have we gone mad?

13. Who directed Texas Chainsaw Massacre? No, really!

14. I judge the intelligence of people from the movies or the music they like/hate. Can't help it.

15. The poorest joke from the worst Woody Allen film is better than all the dialogues heard in all other american movies for the last 10 years (excluding the work of David Mamet).

16. I hate Aston Cutcher. I hate his asshole face.

17. Saw Mr Brooks and started wondering how much bottox can you squeeze out from Demi Moore.
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