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Originally Posted by fceurich39 View Post
disappointed with no extras on ghost town.
Same. They should have made it a double feature, maybe with The Vagrant or Destroyer.

I'm surprised they couldn't get interviews from Charles Band, John Carl Buechler, or Kane Hodder. They've all done interviews for Scream Factory in the past. Also Bruce Glover, who was interviewed on Shout's Walking Tall Trilogy blu-ray.

I've already ordered it regardless. Should be here Tuesday or Wednesday along with I, Madman and Miracle Mile. I've actually never seen Ghost Town before, really excited to finally check it out!
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It's not that they couldn't do extras it's the fact it was in their budget for this particular title.

But like others said this should've been in a DF with another title.
+6 trader.
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Details for The Editor!:
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ghost town Blu-ray review here http://www.blu-ray.com/movies/Ghost-...127349/#Review
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Originally Posted by CPT HOOK View Post
The Lamp version is edited, removing all nudity from the rape scene.
I beg to differ Captain. My Aus VHS of The Lamp had every centimetre of the stiffy in the rape scene. In fact, that scene is etched in my memory, and pretty much all I recall of that particular film. Well that, and hags of some description.
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Only the UK release of the Lamp was censored, for it's home video 18 cert release, all other countries releases should be uncut, unless the used the UK master/edit.
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scream factory, shout! factory

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