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I think in general one should not download torrents but in this case I can understand it. There are people willing to buy these movies but that crazy guy shows them his middle finger.
If I want a movie and I can't buy it, it's logical that I will try to get it somewhere else. So deliver internationally, stock up Diabolik or live with people downloading torrents.
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Originally Posted by Shlockjock81 View Post
Yeah? Good luck getting a copy of it now. The availability of his releases are now, more than ever, dependent on whether or not he's taken his meds that day.

But please. Keep supporting this psychotic fuck.
I'm not looking for a fight here. Not trying to upset anyone.

I get people don't care for him but again, as a customer, he's done nothing to me. It's unfortunate (for him) that everyone is so angry at him, but it has nothing to do with me. Everyone's free to buy or not. I'm not supporting him/not supporting him. I'm just buying stuff I want. "Supporting" him would be buying every release of his, which I don't.

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Originally Posted by Angelman View Post
I'm not supporting him/not supporting him.
i must have reread this half a dozen times. there's got to be a better way to phrase it. it looks like you're describing a choice between a) not supporting him or b) not supporting him. (although i understand what you were actually saying, and know that it is grammatically correct)
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You're not going to win on this board Angelman, The people here who usually bitch about Bill are not from the U.S.A. that's why they complain because they can't get their hands on his releases. I personally never had any problem obtaining his movies so I have no reason to complain nor do I care about his ranting and ravings as long as I get the movies I want. But I can see why the out of the country people complain, Oh well you cant please everybody
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To be fair as long as he's only releasing stuff like Revenge Of The Cheerleaders, Lady Stay Dead and Bloodthirsty Butchers I don't think anyone's gonna complain about not being able to obtain a copy of his releases on Blu I'm just messing about, I'm sure there's SOMEONE out there who have heard of these movies before :P

In all seriousness though, the customer is always right (even when they're not), that's the first rule of sales and clearly no one ever told him that and it is hurting his business unfortunately.
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Originally Posted by Angelman View Post
He's putting out stuff I like, I'm happy to pay for it.
I'd like to, as I'm sure ZombieDude would too, but we simply can't! For us, it's not that simple. They get released haphazardly on Diabolik and for us it's "blink and you miss them". (Not to mention staying up to the wee hours or being on your computer very early in the morning, and even that doesn't guarantee you anything.) I flat out refuse to pay ebay prices on his titles as buying from the US is becoming increasingly expensive (owing to the useless - to me - Global Shipping Program). I haven't even looked, TBH, that's how uninterested I am in paying those kinds of prices!

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So he pulled the "Nightmare" bluray but is still selling the 2-disc DVD. I know, don't try to apply logic...
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The Tall Man
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Guess what arrived in Australia today ? Thanks to Diabolik and Jesse for sending what madman Bill won't.
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Kim Bruun
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Quite frankly, if he releases something I want and it's available to me, I'll buy it. Do I like the way he does business and addresses his customers? No. Would I consider him a mentally stable individual? Of course not. But come on, I don't see Scream Factory going out of their way to release stuff like Messiah of Evil or Barn of the Naked Dead - just look at their recently announced selections.
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