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Zombie Dude
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Originally Posted by Paff View Post
To an extent, yes. In fact, that was one of the knocks on the film (and often cited as a reason for its poor initial reception) - the title. It really doesn't reflect that it's a remake of The Wages of Fear, not to mention you barely know that "Sorceror" is the name of Roy Scheider's truck! Since that was such a common criticism, that's why I wondered if you were being sarcastic; you sounded just like the movie viewers of 1977.

However, I would have thought one would research the movie just a little bit before checking it out. Just because the director has one horror film in his resume (amongst crime dramas, comedies, etc) I wouldn't automatically assume that every one of his movies, title notwithstanding, is horror.
There you go. Well yes, I went in knowing nothing like the people in 1977 and i didn't even catch that Sorceror was the name of the truck. All I knew was the poster looked creepy and the title sounded supernatural so I was kind of eating for a twist in the films tone at some stage.
I only assumes this was horror /supernatural due to the title and related that to The Exorcist because I was hoping this would be just as impressive in effects and tone. Obviously if this was called something different I wouldn't just male those assumptions but the title definitely got the imagination rolling in a different direction.
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Originally Posted by buck135 View Post
And Jade. Horrible, but not horror, yet still watchable.
Any movie where a guy collects pubes in a jewelry box gets an immediate pass from me.
Can't argue with a confident man.
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Marv Inc.
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The Duke of New York
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Originally Posted by rhett View Post
Any movie where a guy collects pubes in a jewelry box gets an immediate pass from me.
They did however include Linda Fiorentino and Angie Everhart.
"Do you read Sutter Cane?"
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