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I was leaning towards passing on Scarecrow, since I really didn't like it the one and only time I watched it, but making it a double feature with this film (which I've never heard of, but sounds up my alley) makes it much more alluring. I may actually pick that up!
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Body Boy
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Originally Posted by X-human View Post
Can I chime in now and say that I couldn't care less about The Destroyer?

It's so silly all the bitching when a title's announce that isn't a slasher. I'm very happy with Ghoulies/Ghoulies II, Food of the Gods/Empire of the Ants, and others even if Scarecrows/Destroyer isn't for me.

Not everything is announce at the same exact instance. Just chill out. You'll get your slashers, or mashers, or what-have-you's. Everyone gets a turn.
Deadly Eyes wasn't a slasher, and people went apeshit over it. It has to do with what hasn't been on DVD before, or what is worthy of finally being on DVD.
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I've never heard of "The Destroyer" but I love Deborah Foreman so I'll check it out.

I was going to say they should have paired it with Thanksgiving slasher "Home Sweet Home" but then looked it up and saw that one was with Jake Steinfeld not Lyle Alzado. Wrong musclehead.
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