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One of the difficulties with Blu-Ray is that, unlike DVD, much of the technology involved is still protected by patents, which means that in addition to the hefty costs of restoration, authoring and manufacturing, you also have to pay a large fee for the use of that technology. Someone who works for a replication house told me that these patents are going to start expiring in the next few years, which will bring down the costs significantly and hopefully make releases like CREATURE feasible.

Where I grew up in Maine there is a company that makes and distributes local history productions for the tourist market. Some of their more recent productions were shot in HD, and a few of these have been made available in the shops on Blu-Ray. Last time I ran into the guy who owns the company I asked him about that and he told me that he doesn't have his releases professionally manufactured, that he actually sells them as burned BD-R discs because duplication (as opposed to replication) is a way to circumvent a lot of those patent fees. I don't think that would fly with a lot of horror fans, but the tourists didn't seem to care, as he was selling a lot of them, and at very exorbitant prices.
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Originally Posted by hots4 View Post
The guy is not gonna say it's never ever coming out, as there is always the chance, but that's what an announcement like this usually means, synapse was mentioned here as the blu ray releasing company, but I've not heard anything else about it, sounds like it was just talk, need a company like synapse or shout factory to obtain the rights to release it, but I think it will now NEVER see the light of day.
Well another thing is that it was never an official statement either; it was an email reply a member on Bluray.com posted. So it still doesn't scream "never going to happen" to me. I wouldn't call it official just yet. Maybe I'm just optimistic though.
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Horror catalog titles are hotter then ever now. I'm betting he wasn't able to work out a deal with Synapse, or anybody for that matter, maybe asking too much money, so now has put the Blu-ray on hold. I'm sure it will eventually get a Blu if the demand is there.
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