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Originally Posted by Sam View Post
Nice comparison. Have you ever owned/used the Pioneer CLD-1010? I've always thought it was a nice bang for the buck player and uses a red diode laser like the H9. Curious what you think of this player if you've ever tinkered around with it.
I've heard of it and its featuring the sam red laser in the HLD-X9, but never got around to getting one or seeing one in action. Would be interested in seeing if it can read through Laser Rot like the X9 can.
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Watched Jurassic Park and Poltergeist on LD today since it's the only format I have either on. I'd been wanting to see Jurassic Park again for a while now and I've never watched Poltergeist start to finish. I never really remember liking what I saw of Poltergiest and find that it does have it's moments (especially at the end!) that make it worthwhile but it is a pretty slow movie. When it came time to switch to the second disc of Jurassic Park the player wouldn't open, I did my usual pry open the door and force the tray and heard something inside snap and then the door locked in the open position and the tray wouldn't budge. Opened the player up, removed the snapped off piece (part of one of the parts that ejects and retracts the tray), forced the tray out, forced it back in, and the eject/close button started working again but the player makes a loud noise when I open and close it now and I wonder how much longer it will last.
This got me thinking about the inevitable day when the player doesn't work at all... Even if I had a place that could fix this I doubt it would be worth the cost versus just buying another inexpensive player plus I feel I've gotten my money's worth out of it in the seven or eight years I've owned it so I'm not really inclined to put money into it. It'd be kind of silly to replace this thing when it breaks because of how infrequently I use it and the fact that most discs really suck on a HDTV, the only TV I have, but at the same time that's exactly what I see myself doing when this thing finally does stop working....
OT but related to obsolete formats it's ironic this should happen today as this is the second obsolete player I've messed around with this weekend. Friday I played around trying to make a Betamax player that my friend gave me work again. It still doesn't work but I really wish I could have made the eject work because I really wanted to see how the tape comes out of the system of rollers and off the read head; the tape appears to be loaded correctly but getting it the way it is and then putting it back looks physcially impossible as far as I can tell. Considering the fact that it's a player from 1984 that's probably spent more than 1/2 of it's life in a basement with a tape stuck in it and the fact that I know nothing about fixing this sort of thing I wasn't at all surprised I couldn't do anything to make it work again. Still, I keep wondering about how the tape gets the way it does to be read and nothing online really explains it, I might have to open up the VCR tomorrow and try to see it in action...
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Wifey and I watched Criterion's The Killer LD last night. I thought it looked pretty damn good considering. She enjoyed the movie; loves action flicks.
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Three movies in my annual Halloween horror-thon were on LD last night:

Horror Hotel
Night of the Living Dead
The Blair Witch Project
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Just watched The Fog and watched The Crow last night. Picked up a lot of 100+ laserdiscs last week so that should keep me occupied for a little while.
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Now watching The Nest from 1988.

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Rhett's review convinced me to check this one out:

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Sorry, my bad. Shouldn't have posted this in the laserdisc thread

Would be glad if I could post something here but my laserdisc player gave up on me a couple of weeks ago when I wanted to give my dear old Japanese Phenomena disc a spin.
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I last ran my LD player in May to watch my Wizard of Speed and Time platter. I might want to lay that off before my own player breaks!
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