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Originally Posted by DVD-fanatic-9 View Post
Agreed. But, again (whenever I praise Video Dead, I relate it directly to this film) I don't remember Night of the Creeps having any real atmosphere most of the time either. And people go nuts over that film. And I don't agree about the acting, at all. This cast was FUN. And, as something like John Carpenter's The Thing proves- people just need to like the cast.

But, I really like 976-Evil 2. So...

I liked 976-Evil 2 as well. You can also use the Ring as an example. Like I said I just thought the pacing and atmosphere could have been faster/darker. I did get that feeling earlier on when we first see the tv, movie, and first kill. Yet I felt the film lost it by later on.

I will give this film props for killing the male lead and his girlfriend. Also Zoe trying to deal with the insanity around her when the zombies return reminded me a lot of the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

I'd love to see Zombie Blood Nightmare though. When the lead zombie turns around... that was pretty damn scary.


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For all the UK Video Dead fans, MGM HD are showing TVD over the Halloween week. Tonight it's on at 1.45am. It is being show in the daylight hours as well
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i really dont know how i feel about about posting this but here it is it's finally coming out here is the first review i've seen http://dvddrive-in.com/reviews/t-z/t...eadblu8687.htm

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the video dead behind the scenes featurette clips from the new blu-ray/dvd

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