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Screamy Bopper
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Hi There,

Please can I have an invite as well. Massive fan of these 2 movies. Paid a lot of money for the first Bluray release but cannot buy the sequel as its not available and Lionsgate own the copyright apparently but have no interest in releasing it for some reason which is really tragic as its a classic 1980s horror & very entertaining.

One of my favorites so please give me an invite if you can or tell me how else I can get this.

Thank you in advance sorry to have to ask but there appears no other way to watch this apart from your excellent version.
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Screamy Bopper
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Screamy Bopper
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Originally Posted by Attack Eyebrows View Post
Hi there

Just joined up, and was wondering if I could please have an invite I know this seems cheeky to ask, as I've only just joined (I posted yesterday, but my post isn't showing up... probably me not knowing how to use these things!). I'm desperate to get a good quality version of Fright Night Part 2... why on earth these films haven't seen general release on Blu Ray is beyond me!

Thanks again, and if not, no worries. I hope you didn't mind me asking
Same here.. thanks!
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