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russ, I remember when I first started going the chiller theater convention in NJ in 96, it was kinda crowded. but by 1998 it was off the hook over crowded so bad. you can smell all that nasty B.O. in your face. and it became a major fire hazard. Wow, billions of unemployed Americans sure do have plenty of disposable income..
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Originally Posted by fattyjoe37 View Post
I do not shop at the big name stores. I do however, prefer to buy from independent stores in my area than buy from Amazon. If I can support an awesome place like Scarecrow Video or Silver Platters, I definitely will. And they do get nearly everything in each and every week. Since Scarecrow Video is primarily a rental store, it makes even more since to buy stuff there as they give out a free rental with every new release purchased.
I am the same way. It is funny how many great horror films were independent. They would not have been as violent if they dealt with mainstream theaters who have to adhere to the ratings system.

Never understood when anyone would rent from Blockbuster or buy from Walmart who are the antithesis of these kind of films, how they are made, and are threatened by these very monopolies and their business partners.
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Barnes and Noble is always overpriced, they kind of reminded me of sun coast pictures where it was like, why the hell would I pay 15$ more for this DVD when I can get it at amazon for less than half the price including shipping??
tHaT dAmN dOcToR iS tRyInG tO sTaRvE mE tO dEaTh!
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suncoast pictures blew, but they did have a lot of rare horror dvds that no one else carried...
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The biggest bummer for me (and I'm sure you guys can agree with me on this) is how awesome Halloween DVD sales used to be compared to now. Going to Walmart, Zellers (in Canada) and other retailers from around 2001 to 2007 was so ridiculously fun. You'd flip through bins of stuff and find gem after gem (usually Anchor Bay, oddly enough).

We're all collectors here so we're all looking for that buzz of making a great find. That's something that's sorely lacking now.

I went to Walmart in October of '07 and got the Universal Legacy sets of Dracula, Frankenstein, The Wolf Man, The Invisible Man, The Mummy and Creature for $6.66 each. I'd been putting them off for so long because they were always running fairly expensive so I just flipped out. They'd always have a ton of great flicks for really cheap, like three to five bucks. It's awful that those days are gone forever.
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I used to go to Suncoast all the time too. Admittedly I don't recall buying a lot because they were definitely in the higher prices ranges but once in a while they had good sales and certainly they had a good selection.
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