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Zombie Dude
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Originally Posted by DVD-fanatic-9 View Post
Every time I watch this movie, I grow to think slightly higher of it.

Anyway: the kids being nasty was less a realistic choice (but not because kids are any less nasty than these bastards) and more a stylistic choice. Look at how well the film is shot, particularly. The brevity of the shots and the incredible editing. Great detail including the shots of their faces and the perfect corresponding facial expression for each shot. They were definitely meant to be a tension-inducing or nerve-grating element. On that level, the scene is a success.

But, I do think there is a logical problem given the next lengthy section of the movie. Even on an ideas' level- the kids were idiots. It wasn't a simple nor complex mistake that led her to die. Anyone knows not to push someone out of an open window and they sure as hell pushed her. They were stupid. And the movie was a bit stupid as well for hinging a major plot point and the killer's entire motivation off a sequence of the film shot so directly that there's no room for interpretation.

As for the killer... he was gay. Watch it again and pay close attention to all of his scenes. He "didn't want a date" for the Prom (because his sister was setting him up with girls), there's a scene where he barely dodges a kiss from another guy, and he's unmasked wearing lipstick. Not to mention just what was going on in his head that he felt the need for vengeance in the first place. He was at a prime age to have already been dealing with certain issues at the start of the film. And the relationship they had as children was anything but him as protector, so it's highly questionable that guilt was his only feeling about what happened.

And that kind of invalidates some of the problem I had with the kids' idiocy being the killer's visible motivation.
The killer being gay is an interesting angle I've never thought of while watching this. It definitely gives him more of a motive if you look at it as him struggling to deal with his feelings and then conjuring up other feelings he had from the past. Interesting.
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I think the actor was in real life (as was the actor who played Nick) - maybe it just shows onscreen when it really wasn't supposed to?
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Did anyone else think that Alexander Hamilton High School was supposed to be foreshadowing of who the killer would be?
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The best two hands down are Hello Mary Lou and the Last Kiss. Always been my faves but I need to rewatch #1 and #4 soon, it's been too long.
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