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Oh, and if you want to step outside of Godzilla, I highly recommend the Gamera films from the late 90s. They are really impressive. Particularly "Gamera 2: Attack of the Legion".
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I recommend Godzilla vs. Monster Zero and of course, Destroy All Monsters.
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King Kong VS Godzilla is good fun as well.
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I saw a theatrical print of DESTROY ALL MONSTERS some years ago and it was just beautiful - much more colorful and clear than the DVD I owned at the time. Highly recommended feature. Fun and COLORFUL (unlike today's films with all that fake-gritty-gray!) It's a pretty tight film, too.
One thing about all the Godzilla films from Japan is that no matter how wacky their plots were, you totally bought into their imaginative worlds. Even the sound effects were unique. You cannot say that about the recent USA Godzilla films which were heavy on recycling.
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I hope that Kraken will unleash more of these films on Blu-Ray very soon.
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