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We're never gonna know when something really is sold out. Savage Streets could be, or it could be copies get snagged within seconds of getting listed, making it look gone for everyone else. Just add a new phrase in place of sold out, like gone or done. Or put a "temporarily" in front of sold out for stuff that will come back. There are easy fixes to things that could make CR's site hundreds of times better, but methinks Bill likes having a janky website he can blame for things, and he's a fucking sadist who loves watching everyone try and get this releases in their limited and unannounced windows.

My Fucking DVDS
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Harry Warden
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Originally Posted by chancetx View Post
MorallySound is probably right but I'd keep checking anyway. A lot of times something will say SOLD OUT and then get restocked next time he does maintenance. Maybe not for an older title like this but you never know.

Or you could e-mail him and ask.
I kept checking for BBNM and it was sold out. I entered a form online telling them I was interested in buying it and within a day it was back on the site for sale. Bought it and had it within 4 days.
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Yesss...got the Milligan flicks today...smooth transaction and shipping. Gonna grab Eerie Midnight on Friday.
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A heads up: The new Code Red Blu Ray titles are available at Diabolik...and the Milligans can be purchased seperately.
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