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Originally Posted by Code Red DVD
ROGER CORMAN #11. ROGER CORMAN PRE-NUKE COLLECTION! Rick "deathstaker" Hill battle drug farmers in Cirio H. Santiago's THE DESTROYER (aka THE DEVASTATOR). This war's in your own backyard. Violent warfare erupts in Northern California when Vietnam vet Deacon Porter reassembles his Combat Strike Force to avenge the death of a commanding officer. Lovely Katt Shea, ex-Hollywood Kaz Garras, Terrance O'hara co-stars.

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Rudest Motherfucker on HD
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So Bill announces he wants to sell Code Red, yet he still posts upcoming releases...?
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Mikey Horror
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He isn't selling shit. 90% of what comes out of that guys mouth is bullshit.
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I wonder how long he's going to sit on these Corman flicks before we see any of them. Still waiting for news on BD upgrades for SWEET SIXTEEN, THE STRANGENESS and a bunch of others, not to mention DVDs of titles announced ages ago (Red Wolf Inn, Inn of the Damned, etc.). I think it's the extras that are holding up some of the releases but they're so shoddily put together that I wish he would just skip the poorly lit and recorded talking head interviews and just put the movies out.
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Whatever issues Bill may have with his business, I got my copy of Nightmare in 4 days. Ordered on the 29th, received it on the 3rd. Zippy.
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