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Fall Break
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I got the unrated Laserdisc in perfect condition still, had it framed and everything.
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Zombie Dude
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Originally Posted by Chomp View Post
Figures...Titan Video sounded fishy from day 1. I honestly never thought this would have seen the light of day.
Yea I was wondering what was happening with them. I noticed their site was down the last few weeks and now it looks like they're never going to release anything anyway. Guy sounds like a wanker promising titles he doesn't own.
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Mikey Horror
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Looks like something is in the works:

Quote taken from an interview conducted last month with Buddy Cooper:

19) You do have a huge cult following with this film. You have a lot of great fans out there that would sell there unborn child for a release of The Mutilator either in DVD or Blu Ray. Would we be seeing someday a official release of this great Horror classic The Mutilator?

I am in talks now with two respectable distribution companies about bringing The Mutilator out on DVD Blu-ray. I hope that I'm able to come to terms with one of the companies and that the release will happen soon.
Source: http://www.darksocietyentertainment....rview-archives
The Collection.
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Buddy Cooper has said the same thing a million times already old news.
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