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Birth of the Living Dead (NOTLD documentary)

Holy cow is this an excellent documentary. For those of you who haven't heard about this, it's available in select theaters and for rent/purchase on iTunes/Vudu. George Romero is the only participant from NOTLD to be featured, however the panel of guests that speak about the impact of the key scenes as well as the movie itself are amazing. It comes in at around 90 minutes but it really does the film justice as well as the state of America in the late 60's. The trailer is also currently available on the Apple trailers site. I highly recommend this. Lastly, if you watch it, there is a nice tribute to Bill Hinzman after the credits.
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Erick H.
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I saw it in the theater Saturday night with a sizable crowd,there were giveaways and other extras.It was followed by a screening of NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD.I had a great time.Good doc. too,tight and very entertaining.Romero is in great spirits.
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I thought this was extremely disappointing. Anyone looking for behind-the-scenes stories from Night Of The Living Dead, look elsewhere. Romero contributes a few stories, but everyone else involved are simply "film scholars" / critics / filmmakers who simply discuss the plot and themes of the movie (in other words, the things you already know from simply watching Night Of The Living Dead). What a waste...

For a much better doc, check out the feature-length "One For The Fire" and the other extras available on the Dimension DVD (these are free bonus features, by the way, unlike this stand-alone movie).

Really tired of lazy filmmakers doing documentaries like this and Room 237 to make a quick buck from the fans. Aside from scoring a Romero interview, there was no effort put into this whatsoever.
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I don’t really think the purpose of “Birth of the Living Dead” was to showcase BTS, anecdotes with cast, or interviews with the crew. I think that subject has been exhausted well enough in other docs including in, as you just mentioned, “One for the Fire”. I think the main purpose of this documentary was really to explore the cultural impact of the film...try to give a scholarly examination of NOTLD… whether the interviewees were discussing the against-the-grain style of film-making , the racial/social issues, or the way zombies have assimilated into our entertainment industry. Sure these subjects have been touched upon before, but they have never really been examined in depth. I thought it was actually an interesting intellectually-driven documentary that was done fairly well. I didn't agree with everything mentioned in the documentary, but I thought the individual opinions were nowhere near as far-fetched as those in Room 237. I’m not even quite sure why you’d compare the two. Room 237 is just plain awful on every conceivable level…its edited horrendously, none of the interviewees have any connection to Kubrick/The Shining, the documentary is told through random movie clips in various states of piss poor quality, and the theories range from laughably stupid to borderline insane (I hope the “centaur lady” has finally found a home in a padded cell).

If you do not agree with the opinions, AT LEAST Birth of the Living Dead has the semblance and structure of being called a “documentary”. I mean, it easily feels like something you’d find yourself watching on the History or Biography channel (before they started airing all those bullshit “reality” shows). Unlike Room 237, these aren't phoned in interviews of 5 random ass people…these are interviewees with ACTUAL credentials being asked to give their opinion….Gale Anne Hurd, Elvis Mitchell, people involved with the film-making process, and of course George Romero himself.

I think the worst and most disturbing part of the doc was that guy teaching/showing those underprivileged kids about zombies and NOTLD. But that complaint doesn't really have anything to do with the filmmakers, but more to do with the moron who refers to himself as a “teacher”... While other industrialized countries excel in math and science, U.S. public schools are starting early in educating students on the subtle nuances of shambling like a flesh-eating ghoul (most likely to prepare them for shopping at Wal-Mart and waiting in fast food lines). America…FUCK YEAH!
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