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Buying blus or anything from retail, not these days....

I can't recall the last time I got a Blu-ray from a retail store, I use to go to best buy the day new movies came out, Now I just order everything online. I never see any of the shout factory releases at stores like wal mart. k mart. or even best buy for that matter. So glad I don't have to do that anymore.. Yeah, I may get em a few days after release but its worth driving all the way to these retail stores only to find out they never got any copies..
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I'm with you Ronnie. I used to go to Best Buy every Tuesday to check out their new releases. It's been several years now since I've done that. I buy 95 % of my "collection" online. I love being able to buy from home and the fact that you can check prices from multiple places without driving all over the place.
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It's funny that they are pushing for the new internet taxes to supposedly level the playing field for online and retail shopping, but retail still doesn't compare when it comes to choice and convenience.

I used to shop Best Buy a lot for my DVDs over 5 years ago when they carried stuff from Blue Underground, Media Blasters, and other companies that specialized in obscure horror. The selection now is pure mainstream garbage and I doubt that will ever change. Tax the internet all you want, brick and mortar lost me long ago.
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Yeah, like you guys going to Best Buy every week to look at their new releases was a ritual for me too. Sadly, that stopped years ago. The last DVD I bought there was the Anthropophagous two disc the day it came out. What was that, 2006? Wow.
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Yeah, I'm in the same boat, although once in a while I look through FYE and Walmart and find a deal. It is rare though!
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I'm hard headed and still look at BB almost every week, then come home and order what they didn't have. BB is on my way pretty much anywhere I go now, so it's not devoted trips like in the past.
I do see they carry many/most Broken Glass dvds now, which gives me hope that maybe they'll start with other smaller companies again. I still prefer to find what I want in-store so I can make sure it has slipcover or isn't fucked up somehow, but it's getting rarer that I can.
I did manage to find a copy of Girls Against Boys Tuesday which came out to $5 with upgrade and save. Never saw that one there before (and grabbed the only copy so probably never again). Too bad the movie was so fucking tame and Lifetimey, really makes me want Ms .45 on blu that much more.

Barnes and Noble does have a sweet selection, but all their Shout Factory titles are $30 and they throw out the slipcovers before putting them on the rack. Can't pay 1.5-2X net prices for an incomplete product!

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Same here in the UK, Can't remember the last time I went into a shop and purchased a BD, Very little option here in the UK now anyway. HMV and Blockbuster have shut loads of their stores, Local Supermarkets carry a few new titles every week but only the mainstream stuff.

A few online stores have gone tits-up too, HMV has gone, Play.com has turned into a 3rd party seller broker and because of this Amazon.UK have started to up their prices.

A whole shit storm really, Nevertheless my postman still hates me as they keep coming thick and fast through my letterbox
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I bought the Django steelbook from Target the day of release. For the mainstream films I like I will still look in stores for, but the more obscure stuff I don't usually bother making an attempt to hunt them down. If I see one, great, but I don't hold out any hope for that to happen anymore sadly.
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Old 05-11-2013, 07:58 PM   #9
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For me, it's a matter of economics. Why would I pay close to retail price when I can get the same thing on Amazon for much less? And unless it's something I've been desperately waiting for, I'll wait a month or two until the price goes down even more. Since I switched to Blu, I don't think I've paid more than $15 for a single disc.

Best Buy is just a headache to deal with anymore. Their staffing structure is just so poor. Why do you need 2-3 people floating around the media departments asking if they can offer assistance? If you say, "I'm looking for X," they will do exactly what you would do: go to the racks and start flipping through the products alphabetically. Meanwhile, the home theater and computer departments, where you'd actually want to try things hands on and ask professional (HA!) advice, they have a total of 2 people working and you end up waiting half an hour for them to get to you.
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Yes Amazon owns me for most of my buying of about anything except groceries and clothing- and I go to Amazon for those occasionally too
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I've been going to Best Buy a lot over the past three weeks due to Upgrade & Save. I love that promotion! Every time they have it, it gets me in the store. Coupled with the Reward Zone Facebook app, where they were doing daily polls for 25 points each, I accumulated a stockpile of Reward Zone certificates to couple with it, and ended up getting a ton of blu-rays for $1 - $5 each!

However, I do have to say their selection has gone down the crapper. I used to go there on a weekly basis back in the early 2000s, when they carried the Shriek Show titles, Anchor Bay, Blue Underground, etc. But now, you simply can't find that stuff in stores, so online is the only option. Brick and mortar isn't even an option for 99% of the titles discussed on these forums.

I do kind of miss it. I remember buying the Sleepaway Camp Survival Kit from Best Buy for $19.99 back when it was released, with the exclusive bonus disc. It's still the best $20 I've ever spent. And of course, Just Before Dawn!

I think what I miss about it is the hunt. Now, you can order anything with the click of a button. My movie buying hasn't slowed down, but when they arrive in the mail, it's not as big of a deal as it was then. It's just "oh, another movie".
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I do not shop at the big name stores. I do however, prefer to buy from independent stores in my area than buy from Amazon. If I can support an awesome place like Scarecrow Video or Silver Platters, I definitely will. And they do get nearly everything in each and every week. Since Scarecrow Video is primarily a rental store, it makes even more since to buy stuff there as they give out a free rental with every new release purchased.
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even accessories,, I buy online. like the 2 expensive Blu-ray holders with the push thing where they slide out, don't see that selling at target. Or the cool replacement Blu-ray cases I bought on amazon. I also noticed with all this Shout factory releases in the last 2 years, I never seen any at target. wal mart or best buy, Oh OK I DID see Piranha 78 at best buy once.. but that was it. May depends on locations. Now the only time I did get mad with amazon was when I ordered deadly blessing and the slipcover came all banged up, Now if I get anymore I just send it right back and ask for another without opening it... until I get the one I like. Iam a serious collector and want my slipcases to be decent..
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I was an early online only convert. Frankly it's cheaper and easier to comparison shop this way. The less I spend on one DVD the more I can spend on another.

The only thing that got me into Best Buy were the exclusives, but over the past two years even those have become impossible to get a hold of in brick stores. So I order them from Best Buy's website. Since it's free shipping I'll just choose that over the gas it takes to drive around only to discover empty shelves.

Most Wal-Mart exclusives aren't exclusive for long so I don't go digging around for those either.
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I think what I miss about it is the hunt. Now, you can order anything with the click of a button. My movie buying hasn't slowed down, but when they arrive in the mail, it's not as big of a deal as it was then. It's just "oh, another movie".

This is the same way I feel about posters. I used to go to Fangoria and Comic Conventions during the late 80's-90's. Now I just consider them too crowded and you can find just about everything offered online. I used to like getting autographs/photos with celebs too but they started getting very commercial charging for everything.
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