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Originally Posted by Paff View Post
Cabin in the Woods insults horror fans too, but in a more informed way. As in, most horror films are riddled with cliches that the hardcore audiece (yes, US) seems to expect, and they (WE) go off the deep end if those expected cliches are not there. It's an indictment, and one I happen to agree with.

Scream seems to want to point out that today's movie viewer is far more savvy than those of us who saw a lot of slashers in the 80s, that we could not recognize obvious cliches. Trust me, we did. I remember tons of times in the theaters in the 80s with all the derisive comments at the screen when someone did something that would lead to their obvious demise.

Scream pointed out the cliches. Cabin in the Woods pointed out WHY the cliches are there. Far far far more insightful and intelligent.
I don't know. Maybe you're older than me and recognized those cliches. I know I wasn't a huge horror fan when I was young. It was difficult to get them. I only watched the big names. And even then the movies were cut most times. There is just a lot of stuff I like in Scream. The scene with Sidney telling the caller why she doesn't like horror movies because the girl is always running up the stairs when she should be running out. Then Sidney ends up running up the stairs too

Cabin in the Woods did make a reason for why these tropes are there. But it goes back to my original review. How the movie is a love/hate or tired of these things story. Yes, we the audience wants to see this sort of thing. But we also want to see better. At least I do. When the kids go back in the house and get the stupid gas, I was disappointed. Because I wanted to see the smarter kids figure it out. It's kind of like in When A Stranger Calls, when Camilla Belle's character keeps picking up the phone and Katie Cassidy's character says don't pick up the phone then. That's the smart thing to do. Or in 666 Park Avenue, when Rachael Taylor's character realizes it's time to get out of that apartment. I want to see a really good horror movie. I think it's ok to break the rules as long as you make your own new rules. Or just a really good scary movie. That's why I said I was waiting for a real movie to start with the Ancient Ones. The Friday the 13th remake/reboot is kind of similar in changing the rules but not creating anything new as well. When the good girl character gets knifed I was completely out of that movie.

I was just ahead of Cabin in the Woods the whole time. Where as the twist and so much of Scream was a surprise. I actually like I Know What You Did Last Summer more than Cabin in the Woods.

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