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Originally Posted by Matt89 View Post
That's fucking HILARIOUS.

I agree

I got an image in my head of those overprotecting parents panicking, fleeing their seats with their crying children, while a rotten corpse are screaming at them from the screen

Canīt stop laughing

Scarred for life? Those little bugger will have forgotten all about it in a couple of days. How many of us didnīt get a scare as kids when we switched channels and suddenly a horror movie came on? Yet it was forgotten a short while later.
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Jimmy S
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Originally Posted by The Tall Man View Post
"Everybody just scrambled for the exits, all you could hear were children crying and screaming."
I have a strong feeling that this kind of reaction was scarier for the children than two minutes of an horror pictures. Children panic when their parents do, they would have exit like normal beings and the chidren wouldn't have cryed and screamed.

Cartoons were "scarier" than that when I was a kid in the seventies and I ain't "marked for life"...

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Originally Posted by Katatonia View Post
At least it wasn't a porn movie.
That did happen at a movie theater around here, it was a gay porn film rather than an animated feature and caused quite the outrage.
I'll try to find the link.
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The Fiend
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Another example of digital cinema failure... If you would have had a physical print threaded into a film projector instead of either a hard drive in a DCP projector or a satellite feed you could double-check the right film is playing on the right screen.
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Originally Posted by The Tall Man View Post
"It was only about two minutes worth of the film but it was enough to scar them for life," she said.
Typical reaction of a British parent. Clearly it is time for the BBFC to ban the entire Paranormal Activity series. Accidents like this would never happen if such gruesome entertainment were banned from entering the country outright.
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The day before I started working at my current theater, the head projectionist here started Grindhouse instead of The Last Mimzy. It got all the way to the Machete trailer before someone complained and it was stopped. Also, I don't recall which theater this was at, but we got an e-mail once about one of our theaters accidentally starting the Assault on Precinct 13 remake instead of Racing Stripes. The comments from "grieving" parents were equally hilarious.
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reminds me of janet jackson's Nipplegate fiasco - millions of children were irreprably harmed by the fleeting image of a nipple on their television. its been 8 years since that happened, so i imagine American psychiatrists are only now beginning to see the true cost of that disaster - no doubt they've been swelling their ranks in anticipation of that scarred generation's painful transition into adulthood.
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I bet half those kids are now horror fans for life.
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Different news story, but apparently crowd behavior during the latest Paranormal Activity film resulted in 40 French theaters pulling Sinister from screens, fearing the same behavior.

Here's a quote from the article at DreadCentral:

Last week French news outlets reported that 40 French theaters had pulled the theatrical release of Scott Derrickson’s Sinister. Why, you ask? According to Wild Bunch Distribution, who is handling both Sinister and Paranormal Activity 4 for that region, via rough translation from their Facebook page:

"Some rooms last weekend have experienced some problems with the spectators [of] Paranormal Activity 4 – confectionery counters looted, cashiers insulted, urinating on the seats, etc. – thus, more than 40 confirmed theaters have simply canceled their programming of Sinister this week.”
"urinating on the seats"? That's disgusting. Paranormal Activity 4 was pretty awful, but there's no need to pee about it.
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What I don't get is how did take so long to realize it wasn't madagascar 3. I would think 1 minute into the movie you'd realize something was wrong.
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Originally Posted by SickNick89 View Post
What I don't get is how did take so long to realize it wasn't madagascar 3. I would think 1 minute into the movie you'd realize something was wrong.
five seconds into the film you could tell it wasn't the animated feature you wanted to see. I've got to wonder though if all the kids that were intentionally brought to see the film by their parents are now scarred for life.
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