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Originally Posted by ronnie21 View Post
i wonder how bad the prints look back in 80,81 on the big screen. I do however remember that when i seen movies in 80 and 81; there was only like 1 or 2 at the most previews. then the movie came right on. For example. when i seen E.T. in 82 they only showed one preview and that was the world according to Garp. Funny how times changed. now theres 55 mins of commericals and 44 mins of trailers.. and the movies today are all 1:55 or 2 or more hours a pop..
Reminded me of some things Ronnie

Remember this one. Very simple.


Later years but these were from the bigger cinemas. Longer but clean & simple.



Also does anybody remember or have/link to the Policy trailer with clips from various movies with actors saying stuff related to No Smoking, No Talking, etc...

I wanna say they played this in front of Loews Theaters in the 90's. For example it had clips from movies smacking the cigarette out of another guys mouth, people telling characters to shut up, and it ended with Peter Falk (from Murder by Death) saying "I have to go to the can again. I don't wanna miss nothin"

Anybody remember that one?

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wow, cool.. takes me back. today is so diffrent. and bad...
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