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Originally Posted by dave13 View Post
i was expecting this to be a little better. the beginning was really good, grabbed my attention. and the ending is pretty great, the last 15 minutes or so. in between it's got a few good scenes, or good pieces of dialogue, or good gore effects/kills, but for the most part the middle hour was really dull. nothing really happened at all. I liked the "The First Day" stuff, i thought it added a lot of menace and a sense of impending doom, which in the end does pay off, but the body of the film felt pretty aimless. for something that garnered so much attention during the time and drama leading up to its final dvd release, i guess i was expecting something more. i mean, this was the movie everybody was waiting years for a copy of?
Yeah I can see how the hype would mislead a first time viewer. I remember watching the UK cut of it years ago and not being very impressed. But for some reason, the film stuck out in my mind. The more I thought about it, the more I said to myself "Goddamn, that was one sleazy little flick". Eventually I wanted to see it again so I ordered a bootleg of the uncut VHS rip. After my second viewing, I appreciated it much more, despite its many flaws.
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