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Got this yesterday from amazon - I've watched it before on an old VHS but the picture quality on the three master's we get with this box set are miles better. I still find 'Maniac' far more disturbing that 'Nightmare' but Nightmar ein its own right is a great horror/slasher flic.

Originally Posted by Dobby View Post
that makes no sense.
really? (the following contain SPOILERS if you have never watched Nightmare before).

Disturbed man suffers from flashbacks to earlier murders he commited (we see minor flashbacks until the whole story 'flashback' at the finale is revealed.) Can't tell reality from what he did or didn't do?
Treated with experimental drugs which subdue flashbacks.
Doctors hail it as a success.
Is wrongly released back into the community.
Alter ego re-appears - goes missing.
Starts killing people along the way (which feeds his disturbed mind etc) to finding where his wife/child (C.J.) live.
Flash back revealed which is the root cause of George's psychotic episodes.
Gets shot by C.J. a few times (C.J. doesn't realise it's his father).
Man unmasked is revealed to be Tatum and C.J.s mum says at the end "It's my Husband!" Cue woman screaming ~ cue Dolby surround.
Cue C.J. probably being funked in the brain after all the trauma and Nightmare 2 being released (you see him smiling at the end)
The End
Cue Tom Savini denying he ever had anything to do with it and saying that the picture of him on-set was a Photoshop.
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