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Just got this and watched the film.

On a side note, I'm noticing that Madman has a lot more flaws than I noticed before, and kind of tires by the end. But not that bad for a third viewing. 6/10

As for the Code Red transfer, I will admit that in the woods and Madman house scenes, the blue hues look a lot better in terms of atmosphere. However, as far as the sharpness and clarity goes, Code Red destroys Anchor Bay. I don't understand the whole train wreck analogy. Yeah, there are problems with the color and transitions, but basically, Code Red's is clearer and more detailed. I never noticed some key moments in such a way before. It was cool to see what the actual color of the woods scenes were to be. I prefer the blue most especially during the deaths of the drunk, TP, the decapitated guy, the car girl and the end scene with Alexis in the house, but this wasn't a fail by any means. I mean, in a contest of which transfer I would rather watch, I'd go for the AB disc in terms of atmosphere, even if Code Red has the superior image, however the CR disc is so packed you can't pass it up. Also, the interlacing wasn't even noticeable save for very few shots. Y'all are crazy. This is a very good release.
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