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Originally Posted by Dobby View Post
Same could be said for image ent, code red, anchor bay stars, etc. etc. I don't think it's a distribution problem only. I simply think allot retailers only order so many copies. Especially retarded ass Amazon they know they have 100+ pre-orders. Day of release they only ordered 40 copies go figure Kat. I agree wholeheartedly Amazon sucks sucks sucks cock!
That's true to an extent Dobby, but Madman is either not even listed on many major retailer's websites, or it's out of stock at the few that do. This has been the same for many other Code Red titles in the past. There's definitely something wrong with their distribution somewhere.

I gotta disagree though... I love using Amazon! They even shipped two of my pre-orders via overnight this week (I have a Prime membership) so I'd get them on the release date.
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