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I too cant believe some of u guys on here. CODEREDDVD has been kind enough to post here and some of the users here make insults that is totally unacceptable. the man has been working very hard to put out obsure titles and the company keeps on losing money yet they still keep churning out titles for us fans it seems like almost every title there is a vast argument no menus for PRIMAL RAGE OR DEAD ARE ALIVE, the long delay of Nightmare which we are still hopefully finally getting sans the director's interview of course.I have been very happy with all their titles like the recently released HORROR HIGH to anyone who has Madman anchor bay version like myself quit bitching. The special features are awesome a 91 minute doc for gods sake plus other goodies the artwork is awesome and even the disc artwork is awesome as well so what that the picture isnt perfect the movie itself was never meant to be crystal clear and print damage isnt fixed probably could never be. so in the end sorry Bill Norton for some disrespectful members to want every thing to be perfect.
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